Anna Paul Shared A Wild Travel Story About Being ‘Catfished’ By A Fkn Expenny Airbnb In LA

Aussie TikTok and OnlyFans icon Anna Paul has broken down her truly wild tale of getting “catfished” by a very, very expenny Airbnb in Los Angeles.

Anna and her boyfriend Glen Thomson, her brother Atis Paul and his girlfriend Mikaela Testa are on a big ‘ol trip round the US.

According to vids posted to her Insta and TikTok, Anna booked the four of them a fancy looking AirBnb. It cost a whopping $5000 and for that much money I’d be expecting a pantry full of gold dusted truffles plus at least four hot tubs.

In a TikTok vid posted in April she broke down the situation in detail.

“I got us this really nice Airbnb. It looked gorgeous, it was like five grand [and was] so beautiful,” Anna Paul said.

But on their drive to the Airbnb, she said the area felt “dodgy”. When they arrived, the windows had bars on them and the whole apartment block was “barricaded off”.

@anna..paullLA Hotel catfish storytime 🥲♬ original sound – Anna Paul

They also weren’t exactly travelling subtly. Anna said they arrived in a bright yellow Lamborghini and were also accompanied by a seperate Uber driver who had all their luggage.

According to Anna Paul, as soon as they arrived two people started circling their cars and recording them. One of the men was apparently wearing super low trousers and “holding his hands on his dick”. Yikes.

“Glen was really scared so [he] smiled at him and he didn’t even smile back!” Anna said. Aw, Glen.

“The Uber driver starts taking all of our luggage out and we were like ‘we don’t really want to get out, we’re a bit scared’,” she continued.

They then got the Uber driver to pop all their stuff back in the car and drive off while Anna Paul frantically looked for hotels. She eventually found one with lush looking photos. In a nice little detail, she said they tipped the Uber driver an extra $100 for following them to the hotel. Human decency from celebs! Too rare a sight TBH.

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The tale of catfishing doesn’t end there though, no no.

At the hotel, there was only one room available for all four of them. But hotel staff described it as a very nice corner room — for $6000. I’m sweating through my shirt at the thought of all that money.

“We were like ‘fuck, $6000 for four days, but you know what it’s fine, it’s so beautiful’,” Anna said.

But when they rocked up to the room, it was tiny and only had one bed. She also described it as having a 2005 vibe and I’m assuming that’s not in a hip Y2K way.

They managed to get a refund for the room and eventually found another hotel. Anna described the whole sitch as them being “catfished” and honestly yeah, fair. I think most of us would rather get subtly catfished by a date than by an expensive holiday.

Anna posted another update about the catfishing tale to her Insta Story on Thursday April 29th.

She gave a Spark Notes version of the situation but re-emphasised how fkn lovely the Airbnb was online.

“The photos looked immaculate, can I just say. Immaculate,” she said.

And after all that, they weren’t able to get a refund.

A true bloody nightmare there! There’s honestly no bigger let down than being catfished by your accommodation, especially if it’s super expenny.

I’m now super curious about whether the Airbnb had any other negative feedback. Maybe there’s some truth in my mum’s number one travel advice: never book anywhere with less than fifteen reviews.