Nonna, Hold The Gates Of Hell Open, Influencer Anna Paul Mistook Mint For Basil In Her Gnocchi

anna paul basil mint

Gold Coast influencer Anna Paul has been mocked online for taking pictures of herself picking basil in her garden for a tasty gnocchi without realising it was actually mint. Dearest Nonna, wherever you are, I beggeth thee to not take Miss Paul’s soul to damnation, she knows not what she hath done.

The Colgates of hell are open for one Anna Paul after she dared to mix mint leaves into a pasta sauce. No, this is not a thing in Italy — or at least, the parts of Italy that are free from depravity and sin. Maybe they do this in Vatican City? Lord knows what crazy things happen there.

Fans of Anna Paul called out the blunder, which was even picked up by @celeb_spellcheck. You know you’ve fucked up if you end up on the celeb spellcheck grid.

I need to know if the end product tasted any good. The Calabrian goddess within me knows it’s wrong, but like Eve to the apple, I am compelled to forbidden flavours.

“The commit-mint,” wrote one Instagram user under the celeb spellcheck callout.

“Maybe it was mint to be?” wrote another.

“If only the plant could talk back after you thank it. Could tell you you’re using the wrong one,” wrote a third.

For those of you wondering if it was actually mint in the pasta sauce instead of tasty, tasty basil, OPSM is now doing a frenzy sale. Oh, and Anna Paul herself confirmed that it was mint.

doesn’t get any clearer than that. [Image: @anna_paull.]
The last time Anna Paul had a basil brush with headline fame was when she had to cancel her Perth meet-and-greet after more fans arrived than expected — some even collapsing.“I thought only, like, 100 people would come,” she said in a response TikTok video.“When in Sydney people started lining up, we were shocked.

“It was OK for the first 20 minutes but cops then said ‘OK we’ve got to shut this down (for safety reasons) … there are too many people’.”

Plan as you may, I guess not every event can go down in mint condition.