One Of Yr Fave Aussie Goss Instas Has Dropped A Spicy Q&A Session & The Tea Is Fkn Flowing

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

One of your fave Aussie gossip accounts Influencer Updates AU has done another classic Q&A, so buckle in for some stunning tea.

The page did a callout to its followers asking them to send in anon messages and by Jove, they certainly did.

Hot off the bat was a question about how much influencers make from their own brands.

Now this is extremely interesting to me. We often cop insider info about how much influencers are offered by other brands for ads and sponsored content. But I feel like we never get the goss on their own companies.

“Usually none for at least a few years,” Influencer Updates revealed.

“It’s normal to invest profits back into the business to grow it.”

For some reason — and hey, I’m no business girlie — I just assumed influencers would be raking it in from their entrepreneurial endeavours.

One follower asked for Influencer Updates’ opinion on Big Brother star Skye Wheatley “click baiting” her engagement on Insta.

“My thoughts are: get your act together Lachy [Waugh] and go get this girl a ring!” they replied.

Surely there’ll be a legit engagement announcement soon?

The page also called out people asking if certain influencers have had boob jobs. They explained their followers had pulled them up on it recently after the page speculated about an influencer’s breast augmentation.

“My followers called me out on it immediately — we don’t need to speculate about women’s bodies,” they said. You love to see it.

I personally find it bloody hard to keep track of the shifting tides of the influencer world. You blink and suddenly there’s a load of new accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Handily, Influencer Updates AU was asked about who they think has the most influence in Australia ATM. They reckoned Georgie Stevenson (@georgiestevenson) and Steph Pase (@justanothermummyblog) were top of the list. It is simply the era of the mumfluencer.

They also asked their audience who influenced them most too. It comes as absolutely no surprise to me that two TikTok girlies were top of the list.

It was fashion queen Soph (@sophadophaa_) and all-round icon Anna Paul (@anna_paull).

The Gen Z influencers are slaying the game.

Personally, I don’t know where I’d be without Anna Paul’s plane turbulence analogy. In a viral TikTok she explained turbulence can’t shake a plane out of the sky because of the pressure build up — the plane is like a napkin in a cup of jelly. Icon.

@anna..paullFear of flying tip ✈️❤️♬ original sound – Anna Paul

But one of the most compelling bits of tea from Influencer Updates AU wasn’t about the influencers themselves: it was how the page acquires the spicy goss.

“People often DM me questions & I’ll find the answers on Reddit, Tattle, Facebook forums, news websites etc,” they said.

So that’s how the bloody cookie crumbles!

There’s a whole load more goss on their Insta Stories if you wanna check it out. BRB, gonna go watch the plane in jelly video again.