Boil The Fkn Kettle Bc We’ve Just Copped A Fresh Round Of Blind Items About Aussie Influencers

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Boil the fkn kettle because we’ve just copped a fresh round of blind items about Aussie influencers from Influencer Updates AU ( Just in time too, I was really craving a fresh cup of tea.

As you’ll have noticed from our in-depth coverage, Celeb Spellcheck is always on fire with her takedowns of misbehaving Aussie influencers. Aussie Influencer Opinions also satisfy our desire for spicy influencer blind items. However, when both of these pages go silent, we turn to Influencer Updates AU for a hit of blind item tea to keep us going.

In case ya don’t know what a blind item is, basically it’s a story about a celeb or influencer that doesn’t actually name the culprit (for legal reasons, obvs), so you’re left guessing who it was. It was popularised by pages like Blind Gossip, Deuxmoi, and the aforementioned Aussie Influencer Opinions.

The legends at So Dramatic! have also run some local Q&As here and there.

And luckily for us shade lovers, Influencer Updates AU has released a fresh batch of anonymous blind items.

The goss page took to their IG Stories to ask readers to send in any anonymous tea they might have about Aussie influencers which they would then reshare with the names crossed out.

In the past, Influencer Updates AU has made an excellent point that we’d all do well to remember: “people can send in anything”.

Most of the tea has been unsubstantiated, so take it with a grain of salt, please.

With that said… let’s delve into some of the best ones, shall we?

According to an anon tea spiller, an Aussie influencer’s partner was spotted somewhere they shouldn’t have been while their wife was preggers. Fucked up.

“When [redacted] was about to give birth to [redacted] I ran into [redacted] at the strip club,” the anon follower said.

“She gave birth the next day.”

Speaking of pregnancies, another blind item claimed an influencer is secretly having a baby, but the announcement might just shock us.

“A very well-known Australian influencer is about to announce she’s pregnant. Very controversial too!”

Makes you wonder which Aussie influencer could get pregnant and have it be a controversy. My mind is RACING over this unverified tea.

In rich people tea, one anonymous source claimed an influencer nearly hit them with their car while they were casually riding their horse through the suburbs. Come through, Vaucluse Anonymous.

“I lived on the same street as [redacted] and she would constantly talk on her phone in the car and drive so fast down our street,” they said.

“She almost fit me on my horse once. So glad when she moved.”

And my favourite bit of spicy tea from the batch:

“A friend of mine is friends with [redacted] and said [redacted’s] whole life is completely a lie and everything,” an anon follower wrote.

“Their life is nothing like it is on social media.”

And here are some classic bits of tea shared in the distant past that I’m still not over:

According to one anonymous retail worker, an influencer and their famous mate drunkenly spent $60,000 at a high-end store and then instantly regretted it. Imagine. For some of us, that’s an entire salary!!!

“[Redacted] came into the store I work at and bought about 60k worth of jewellery/shoes/handbags last year,” the anon follower said.

“She was with [redacted] and both had three glasses of champagne. [Redacted] was fkn hammered and knocked over one of the displays and scoffed but didn’t apologise or help pick everything up.”

Knocking over a display in an expensive store is my nightmare. At that point I would just let the earth swallow me.

“[Redacted] looked really embarrassed,” the post continued.

“They weirdly came back about an hour later and returned a bag and a pair of shoes???”

Honestly, is it that weird????? I would also return a handbag and shoes if I drunkenly spent that much $$$.

Another blind item claimed a certain influencer uses nasal tanning sprays, which they know because “her hairdresser tells everyone”, lol. Do those things even work? I feel like no cosmetic that requires snorting can be that good for you…

Okay, the next two blinds are going to raise your blood pressure.

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I would not be keeping my tea anonymous if a DJ scorned me on my wedding. (Source: Instagram

“DJ [redacted] cancelled the morning of my wedding claiming she had COVID,” a disgruntled follower claimed.

“But [she] was on Sam Newman‘s yacht DJing and partying.”

WTF do you even do in this situation!!!! Like, just play your Spotify mix?

“Back when [redacted] was a make-up artist she cancelled on me the morning of one of the biggest events of my life at the time, citing she was sick [and] leaving me to find a new one hours before… then posted a story out partying,” another blind item revealed.

There is a special place in hell for people who ruin weddings, there I said it.

In spicier Aussie influencers tea, one follower accused an influencer of totally faking where she lives. TEA.

“Influencer from Sydney takes photos like she lives in a mansion with a lift and pool when really it’s a tiny three bedroom house in the west up the road from me,” they wrote.

I actually am dying to know who this is about, show me the house!!!!

Another anon message claimed an influencer and her mum have had a “falling out, stopped talking to each other and now her sister who worked for her mum has opened a rival closing business”.

I assume this meant “clothing” business, but more importantly, this sounds like the plot of a very bad sitcom.

Other blind items revealed that one influencer is “so rude” to “lesser-known influencers” and another influencer used to be a stripper in north Queensland before she became a “wholesome IG household name” which, honestly, seems a liiiiiittle slut-shamey.

Okay, brace your fucken selves for this one: apparently, an influencer and their dad is in jail for life in Greece on drug charges (!!!).

While there were a lot of wild responses like that one, there were also some nice ones, such as one person who claimed they used to work with Bachie Jimmy Nicholson who insisted that “he’s such a lovely guy.”

I’m sure he’s an angel but I’m still not over that fucked OnlyFans take he shared in 2022. (Source: Instagram.)

Anyway, go ahead and chuck ’em a follow for more tea on Aussie influencers.

They’re on private at the mo but they seem to accept everyone and there’s heaps of tea in their highlights for you to enjoy.

Happy tea-sipping!