Back in February, we introduced you to a tea-spilling Instagram page you may or may not have heard of called Aussie Influencer Opinions (@aussieinfluenceropinions), which is basically a beautiful fusion between Deuxmoi (@deumoi) and Celeb Spellcheck (@celeb_spellcheck).

The page calls out Aussie celebrities, socialites and influencers for the dumb shit they do online and it also collects anonymous tips from followers and shares them for all to see.

Unfortunately, much like the OG Celeb Spellcheck, the page has kinda gone AWOL and hasn’t posted at all since March 24, which bloody sucks, but before they went quiet, they shared 173 sick-ass posts that I reckon are worth revisiting.

Lemme get you caught up on the best local celebrity scandals that have gone down via Aussie Influencer Opinions, from photoshop fails to anti-vaxxer bullshit and beyond.

Boil the fucken’ kettle, mates.


Mitch Orval sending his loyal legion of followers (accidentally or intentionally) after a woman offering parenting advice in the DMs.

Credit: Aussie Influencer Opinions.

Mitch shared the fan’s DM to his story and made a shitty attempt at hiding her handle.

Which resulted in the fan being trolled by his other fans.

Tahlia Skaines bragging about all the shit she was being sent (and the wastage the packages incurred) smack bang in the middle of the pandemic.

Tahlia Skaines and Lucy Kate Jackson playing the whole ~*tRiEd SoMeThInG dIfFeReNt WiTh My HaIr*~, as if they’d had their hair dyed, when, as pointed out by Aussie Influencer Opinions, it clearly states that they’re using the Instagram filter that alters your hair.

One of them even tagged their fucking hairdresser and wrote “thanks for the fresh colour”. Yikes…

Credit: Instagram / Aussie Influencer Opinions.

Influencer Chloe Szepanowski following a fucking anti-vaxxer page. She’s the missus and baby mumma of the aforementioned Mitch Orval who incited hate against one of his followers. No bueno.

Em Davies offering health and fitness advice, all the while puffing ciggies in her spare time.

But don’t let us spoil all the fun! Head on over to our fave new page, Aussie Influencer Opinions (@aussieinfluenceropinions), and have a squiz at just under a year’s worth of celebrity tea.

Let’s hope this yarn inspires her to post more. Miss you, bae <3

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