Aussie Influencer Opinions Is Finally Back On Insta & She’s Ripping Into Anti-Vax Influencers

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

She’s back, babeyyy! Last night, Instagram got a little shadier as Aussie Influencer Opinions, a popular page inspired by Celeb Spellcheck, returned to the ‘gram after a five month hiatus.

The ~mysterious~ Aussie Instagrammer dropped a series of IG Stories last night where she announced her return and took aim at several anti-vaxxer influencers who have been spreading dangerous information while she’s been away.

“I am back after five months away,” she began. “I have unfollowed ‘influencers’ from my personal account, as I felt like they weren’t adding any personal value to my feed and what I want to be consuming online. Now, I am here to support the positive and call out the bullshit.”

She said she doesn’t “believe in supporting anti-lockdown protests” and “will not keep quiet about people who believe that yesterday’s protests were a positive thing.”

She went on to call out controversial influencer Chloe Szep for supporting the anti-lockdown protests, writing: “Someone who is an ‘advocate’ for health and well-being” who supports the protests “doesn’t sit right with me at all.”

She went on to share several receipts, including screenshots that appear to show that Chloe has lost a lot of Instagram followers lately. Chloe has been sharing anti-vaxxer and COVID conspiracy theory nonsense on her page for quite some time now.

She also clued folks in to the fact that Chloe Szep follows some very questionable hashtags, including #truthseekers (a hashtag for anti-vaxxer and COVID conspiracy theories) and #spaceisfake (a hashtag for bogus shit like anti-climate change posts, flat earth theories, etc).

She then shared a screenshot showing that influencer Starlette Thyne (who has 210k followers) appeared to like a post by a page called @seekthetruth that supported anti-vax protests.

Seek The Truth, which shares anti-vax and COVID conspiracy theory posts, also appears to be followed by popular influencers Em Davies and Tammy Hembrow.

“Take what you will from this,” Aussie Influencer Opinions captioned the receipts.


Aussie Influencer Opinions reshared a rant that Chloe Szep recently posted where she appeared to respond to the backlash she’d received for sharing anti-vaxxer posts on her page and for supporting the anti-lockdown protests.

She encouraged her critics to “do better” and “take your power back and become better for your own life.”

The spicy IGer also shared footage of Chloe’s husband Mitch Orval’s dad, who’s best known as Angry Dad, suggesting that we shut the media down because it’s “not essential,” and that way we “won’t have to listen to what’s right and what’s fucking wrong.” Sounds like a solid plan, doesn’t it?

Aussie Influencer Opinions then shared a screenshot that appears to show that Mitch’s followers have also taken a mad slump lately, claiming that it’s “down 2.8k.”

Last night, Chloe and Mitch dropped a vlog together on their YouTube channel and Aussie Influencer Opinions pointed out that “there isn’t a single positive comment in sight.”

She went on to share loads of screenshots of folks calling them out in the comments, including fans who reveal they have unsubscribed and unfollowed both of them based on their recent behaviour.

We interviewed Aussie Influencer Opinions last year as she was gaining traction on Instagram and she gave us some interesting intel, if ya wanna have a read.

Go and chuck her a follow for more.

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