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Remember how in Gossip Girl, they had to wait six whole seasons to unmask the all-powerful, albeit hella dorky, mastermind behind the site? Well you won’t have to wait so long to get the low-down on IRL Gossip Girl, Aussie Influencer Opinions. Take that, Blair Waldorf.

Okay maybe I jumped the gun, I haven’t uncovered the identity of the person behind this new account, per se, but I have managed to secure the first interview with them and get them to tell me about everything from what made them wanna create the account to which local influencers post the dumbest shit.

Buckle up, bbs.

First of all, what inspired you to start the page?

I have been following influencers online since they became a thing and over the years I’ve noticed so many things said and done by them that have left me thinking, ‘What the fuck?’

So I started this page to create conversations about it!

Were you inspired by Celeb Spellcheck or Deuxmoi at all?

Definitely inspired by Celeb Spellcheck, but I’ve never heard of Deuxmoi.

Which influencers fuck up / post dumb shit the most?

The ones that fuck up the most are, without a doubt, Reece Hawkins, he’s probably gonna sue my ass now. Also, in the kindest way possible, because I actually really like her, I think Dani Mansutti has gone so back and forth on things she has said and done, which has been pretty detrimental to her reputation.

And as for the ones who post the most dumb shit, I’d say Rozalia Russian. The pretentious vibes don’t sit well with me. Also Amarni Skaf, she complained that the media was posting false articles on her sister taking her to court but it turned out to be true. Court hearing info was posted on government pages!

(BTW head here for some of said dumb shit that the page has called out in the past, plus tea on Reece and Rozalia here).

Aussie Influencer Opinions calling out Rozalia Russian in a recent post. (Credit: Instagram)

I know Reece Hawkins has blocked you, has any other influencers blocked you to your knowledge?

No other influencers have blocked me that I know of! Lily Brown once had a crack at me but I didn’t get blocked.

Where do you draw the line (if at all) when posting influencer tea?

I will never post anything regarding influencers personal details that aren’t already available to the public. Things like home addresses, private documentations etc. I also draw a line with straight up abuse towards influencers. Some will say that I am already abusive but I can’t please everyone.

I won’t allow for people to be racist, homophobic or threatening in the comments of my posts, and definitely won’t encourage people to do so towards influencers directly. That’s not my vibe.

Favourite celebrity scandal so far?

I’m gonna say ‘influencer scandal’ as I think celebrities and influencers are two different things, but I definitely think the highly spoken about ‘What happened between Shani Grimmond and Chloe Szep?’

It’s never been confirmed by either party what actually did happen to cause the pair’s friendship to bust, but opinions have been spoken about on my page!

Ex besties Chloe and Shani.

And finally, any hints or clues as to ~who you are~?

Nope, not at this stage anyway.

Go chuck ’em a follow here for more influencer tea.