This IG Is Deuxmoi & Celeb Spellcheck Combined & It’s Already Pissed Off Aussie Influencers

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

2020 was a year where we developed loads of new skills and interests, from baking bread to making heinous clay pots. But aside from (sort of) learning to cook, I didn’t really foray into much more than that as I already felt overstimulated enough with the wild news cycle. Instead I sought out forms of escapism, such as spicy Instagram accounts like Deuxmoi (@deumoi) and Celeb Spellcheck (@celeb_spellcheck). But honestly, you can never have enough celebrity tea-spilling Instagram accounts, so allow me to introduce you to one you may not have spotted before: Aussie Influencer Opinions (@aussieinfluenceropinions).

The page has been posting since May last year so I’m shocked and ashamed of myself for only discovering it now but as they say, better late than never!

Like Celeb Spellcheck, this Insta calls out Aussie celebrities, socialites and influencers who post dumb shit online. And like Deuxmoi, it collects anonymous tips from followers and shares them for all to see and enjoy.

Despite being less than a year old, the page has already waged war against a coupla influencers, including Reece Hawkins (the ex BF of Tammy Hembrow).

When Aussie Influencer Opinions called out Hawkins for scrubbing his Insta of pics of his kiddies, he fired back at her in now-deleted comments that she screenshotted and shared.

It’s at this point that I’d like to point out that the profile is on private, but the anonymous owner seems to accept most people, including Reece Hawkins who they welcomed to the page after running a poll on IG Stories where most followers voted to accept him. Although they were subsequently blocked by Reece which, I mean, was bound to happen.

Another big influencer debate that’s going down is whether or not this dress that Rozalia Russian posted is a Cotton On number.

Peep the debate below:

Aussie Influencer Opinions later posted an Instagram Story stating that they’ve “been told that apparently Rozalia IS in fact wearing the brand she mentioned in her story… However she is apparently wearing a sample version and not the one that’s for sale.”

They added that they’re “still skeptical as I own the Cotton On version and it’s so so SO identical.”

They concluded by writing that they “wanted to hold” themselves “accountable” for the “misjudgement” and frankly, the honesty is pretty refreshing.

Go chuck ’em a follow here, if that’s your vibe.