Woof: Goss Insta Aussie Influencer Opinions Is Locked In A Wild Feud With Ruby Tuesday Matthews

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

There’s absolute chaos going down in the land of influencer tracking Instagrams as two of my favourite accounts are embroiled in scandal right now. I am, of course, referring to Celeb Spellcheck and Aussie Influencer Opinions (the third fave is Deuxmoi, just in case you were wondering).

It all kicked off in the wake of Celeb Spellcheck’s mysterious scrubbing of her Instagram account. This led to a bunch of influencers, including Bachelor alum Keira Maguire, publicly slamming the page.

After Aussie Influencer Opinions later showed their support towards Celeb Spellcheck, she was subsequently DM’ed by influencer Ruby Tuesday Matthews who called them a “coward” and a “bully” and offered the following thinly veiled threat: “I’d hate to see you in Celeb Spellcheck’s boat.”

The DM was shared to Aussie Influencer Opinions’ Instagram Story, have at it:

Aussie Influencer Opinions then fired back, stating that they “do not ever encourage people to threaten people’s children.”

“I call bullshit and take your comment on that with a grain of salt.”

To which Ruby Tuesday Matthews replied: “Are you kidding me? Ha. Call bullshit. Why would I make something like that up about my children?”

Aussie Influencer Opinions then agreed to remove the two posts about Ruby Tuesday Matthews, who proceeded to point out that Celeb Spellcheck “didn’t just take her account down,” insinuating that they didn’t leave Instagram for a break, as she claimed in an Instagram post, but rather for other reasons (FYI there’s a hot theory going ’round that she’s being sued by an influencer, potentially Laurina Fleure over *that* video).

After their lil tiff, Ruby Tuesday Matthews reportedly called Aussie Influencer Opinions out in an Instagram Live, which prompted the goss account to fire off several Instagram Stories.

“Apparently I said that she has a ‘credit card’ and people are also messaging me asking why I said she has a sugar daddy!? What the actual heck?” she wrote in one Insta Story that featured a screenshot from Ruby Tuesday Matthews’ Live vid.

“Can confirm that I never said either of those things ever.”

Aussie Influencer Opinions continued: “Last night she asked me to take down previous posts about her. I did so. Yet now she is willing to sit on a live and say that an ‘opinions’ page (clearly this one given last night’s discussions) said things about her, that were never actually said?”

They went on to say that because she asked them and Celeb Spellcheck to remove posts about her, then went on to “speak out multiple times” is “such a double standard.”

Aussie Influencer Opinions concluded: “Stuff that. She isn’t going to have her cake and eat it too.”

Oh and BTW, if you’re still trying to figure out who the heck Ruby Tuesday Matthews is, she’s the Byron Bay influencer who was called out for allegedly holding up a flight from Byron to Sydney after leaving the airport due to a delay to scoff down oysters at a nearby restaurant.

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