CONTENT WARNING: This article contains apparently spoilers.

Survivor stans were stunned to learn that local influencer Sophie Cachia had been cast in the 2022 season, Survivor: Blood V Water.

And they’ll be even more stunned to learn how much she’s reportedly getting paid.

In the latest episode of the So Dramatic! podcast, host Megan Pustetto revealed a sneaky insider reached out to her with some spicy intel about the influencer’s salary.

According to a production insider, “Sophie was paid $200,000 for her appearance.” Apparently she “demanded the most money out of the entire cast.”

The insider added that producers knew she would be “guaranteed ratings and headlines”, which is why they agreed to the large sum after Sophie’s apparent “hard-balling”.

Since she’s earning so much bank from her appearance, you’d assume that she goes far in the show, right?

Wrong. Apparently the powers that be at Survivor were allegedly “extremely disappointed” that Sophie was the first to leave the show.

“It was essentially money down the drain for them,” the source claimed.

They added that the producers were apparently ticked off and claimed that they’re convinced that copping big bucks and yeeting herself off the show early was “her plan to begin with”!

“They felt stupid for not putting a performance clause in her contract. They definitely didn’t get their money’s worth,” the source added.

Keep in mind, this is all ~ unnamed source ~ intel, so guess we’ll just have to wait for it to all play out when Survivor: Blood V Water premieres on Jan 31.