Folks Are Howling At Influencers Who Fake-Apply Products In Paid Ads & Think We Don’t Notice

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Sometimes I like to boost my mood by going through the funniest influencer take-downs by Celeb Spellcheck. I dunno, they just make me smile.

Since we’re firmly in that weird quiet time of the year, let’s perk ourselves up with some spicy tea, shall we?

So remember that time Celeb Spellcheck called out influencers who fake-apply products they’re supposed to be endorsing?

Basically, it was a gallery containing two vids where beauty influencers appeared to fake-apply makeup in their Instagram Stories while promoting a brand. But like, doll, we can see that you’re not actually using the bloody product…?

The first vid appeared to show someone pretending to dab cream from a tube onto herself and it’s a special kind of cooked. Like, just use the fkn cream? I don’t get it. Is the stuff so repulsive that you don’t even want to use it? Even though you’re being paid big bucks to do it?

But I digress.

In the second video, influencer Tash Oakley appeared to fake-apply cream onto herself and, as Celeb Spellcheck pointed out in the comments section of her iconic post, “the music in the second slide makes it so much funnier”.

Ah, influencers. When will they learn?

Keen on sussing out some more influencer fuck-ups? We previously spun a yarn with a round-up of iconique Aussie influencer blunders.

From Ruby Tuesday Matthews holding up a flight to slurp oysters to freeloading foodies to Jadé Tunchy’s row with a small biz, we’ve got ya covered with all of the spicy influencer tea.

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