Celeb Spellcheck is back with a vengeance after a brief hiatus and fans have missed her like crazy. Following her almighty return to Instagram recently, she’s had her followers cackling all week by pointing out silly errors made by influencers and have a go at her latest post, will ya?

She shared a gallery containing two vids where beauty influencers appear to fake applying makeup in their Instagram Stories to promote a brand but like, doll, we can see that you’re not actually using the bloody product.

The first vid shows someone fake-dabbing cream from a tube onto herself and it’s a special kind of cooked. Like, just use the fkn cream? I don’t get it. Is the stuff that repulsive that you don’t even want to use it?

But I digress.

In the second video, influencer Tash Oakley fake-applies cream onto herself and, as Celeb Spellcheck points out in the comments, “the music in the second slide makes it so much funnier.”

Ah, influencers.

Meanwhile, Celeb Spellcheck still hasn’t revealed why she left Instagram and why she returned, but all the archived posts are suddenly back.

She did share a cryptic message, claiming that the reason why her page briefly went dark isn’t legal-related, as has been speculated.

“I’m not being sued (that I know of, lol) & I’m not at risk of having my identity revealed. I will be taking a little break while I think about the future of this account. Moderating the comments has become time-consuming (but very necessary), as is dealing with all the other things that come with having a very large audience.”

A bunch of local influencers then took to Instagram to call out the page, including The Bachelor star Keira Maguire and Sophia Cachia.

Meanwhile Celeb Spellcheck isn’t the only goss Instagram page that has been in strife lately, head here for the tea on what’s been happening in the world of influencer scandals.

There’s Deuxmoi going up against Vanity Fair over their wild and long-awaited Armie Hammer exposé, and local page, Aussie Influencer Opinions, in a mad barney with oyster-loving influencer, Ruby Tuesday Matthews.