OOFT: Celeb Spellcheck Has Revealed That Influencers Dob In Each Other’s Spelling Mistakes

Celeb Spellcheck, the Instagram page that exposes influencer spelling mistakes, revealed that influencers aren’t afraid to dob in one another.

I’ve been following the page for a while now because nothing makes me feel better than seeing an influencer absolutely cook it on social media. At first, the page was mostly focused on spelling mistakes but has since expanded into gossip, as well as exposing influencers for their inappropriate behaviour.

The admin behind this infamous page often does a few cheeky Instagram story Q&As, and some tea has certainly been spilt. One fan asked whether there are influencers who send in screenshots against their own kind, and the answer was “quite a lot.” Celeb Spellcheck also revealed that influencers send in gossip too!! So moral of the story: Don’t. Trust. Anyone.

There was also a heap of other goss from this particular Q&A, so let’s sip.

  • The biggest celeb that follows the page is Sarah Michelle Gellar.
  • The influencers that Celeb Spellcheck knows have blocked the page are: Steph Claire Smith, Skye Wheatley, Sophie Cachia, Jade Tunchy and Taylar Damir
  • Celeb Spellcheck reckons that Jade Tunchy and Lauren Curtis have the most cringe TikTok accounts.
  • Influencers will sometimes request for a post to get taken down. Luckily CSC is respectful of their wishes and if they ask not to be posted about they won’t be.
  • One of those influencers is Ruby Tuesday Matthews, who asked not to be posted about again.
  • The page has also been threatened to be sued for defamation for a post that speculated an influencer was taking drugs.
  • CSC reckons Dani Mansutti is the most problematic influencer.

So who is behind this page you might ask? Well, that is still a mystery. But whoever it is has revealed a few little clues about their identity. So here’s what we know: the admin is a woman in her late 20s and works full-time in the media.

But please don’t go snooping. She is the modern-day Batman and it’s important we protect her identity at all costs.

If you aren’t following the page, go check it out here. The account is on private, but the admin revealed in the Q&A that she accepts everyone who requests to follow for bulk tea.