Here’s The Tea On Celeb Spellcheck, The Aussie Instagram Pissing Off A Bunch Of Influencers

I still remember a time when the only source we had to rely on for celebrity gossip were rags like NW and Woman’s Day. Well, those days are over. O-V-A-H. Nowadays, we have not just a plethora of entertainment sites to peruse for tea (PEDESTRIAN.TV being the best one, ofc), but also social media. During isolation, I came across a coupla spicy as hell Instagram pages that spill all kinds of insider goss about the rich and famous. One of which is called @deuxmoi (peep our interview with them here), which serves up BTS deets about everyone from Leonardo DiCaprio to Bachelor stars, but if it’s local intel you’re after, I recommend @celeb_spellcheck.

As the title suggest, the popular Insta shares posts by local celebs and influencers where they have, you guessed it, made a grave spelling error.

Credit: Instagram / Celeb Spellcheck.

But it’s not just limited to spelling and grammar fuck ups, for example that time when they called out Bella Varelis for knocking off a pic from a Russian influencer and posting it to her IG Story to pass it off as her pic.

The page also shares goss that it receives from anonymous tipsters online (think, the Aussie Gossip Girl).

Naturally, the page has pissed off a looooot of people (read: its influencer targets) who are desperately trying to unmask the mysterious word nerd.

Boasting 57.2K followers, the Melbourne-based page is run by a woman in her late 20s who works full-time in the media.

Daily Mail Australia reports that a group of what they hilariously describe as “disgruntled influencers” have identified a woman they believe to be the mastermind behind the account, based on her job title, age, and, interestingly, her favourite cocktail.

During an Instagram Q&A the account revealed that she was DMed by someone who claimed to know who they really were and threatened to tell their employer, but it turns out they had the wrong person.

“I obviously let the girl in question know what was going on,” the page’s real owner assured fans.

Celeb Spellcheck has been slammed by a bunch of the aforementioned influencers, including Skye Wheatley and Tayla Damir who accused the page of “bullying.”

Meanwhile influencer Rozalia Russian wrote on Instagram that while she thought the page was “funny”, she feels like it goes “a bit below the belt at times when the page wasn’t about bad spelling anymore.”

She also claimed that she knows “a few people who have figured out who she is.”

The account has denied accusations of bullying and insists that its posts are “meant to be lighthearted and fun.”

“I have definitely posted things in the past that I’m not proud of, but I do try to never cross the line,” she wrote on Insta.

If you wish to partake in said “lighthearted fun”, go chuck ’em a follow. They’re on private but they generally accept most follows.