Ooft: Several Influencers Have Taken On Celeb Spellcheck In A Series Of Spicy Instagram Posts

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

A bunch of local influencers have taken on shady Instagram account Celeb Spellcheck including Keira Maguire and Sophia Cachia.

The influencers took to their Instagram Stories to call out the page, with Keira writing: “When an account that chooses to demoralise influencers declares that he / she is one.”

The Story was shared by Sophia Cachia who added her own rant:

Fellow IG spice account Aussie Influencer Opinions later hit back at the Stories, writing: “Oh for the love of GOD. When, WHEN, did Celeb Spellcheck ever ‘bully’ Keira?”

They then claimed that Keira “broke lockdown rules during stage 4 lockdown (she had a friend over when the law was no guests).”

“And Celeb Spellcheck called her out on it… So apparently that is bullying?”

It comes after mass panic ensued from Celeb Spellcheck scrubbing its page of all its posts. In the bio, there’s a lil judge emoji, which may point towards legal dramas.

The last we heard from the account before it went dark, it posted a video of what appeared to show former The Bachelor contestant Laurina Fleure snorting white powder at a party with friends from over the weekend. 

In the video, Fleure appears to lean over a line of white powder on a countertop.

The video was reportedly filmed at a party in Melbourne on Saturday night, and had attracted almost 100,000 views.

It originally shared to Instagram by another guest at the party, before it was picked up by Celeb Spellcheck.

Fleure addressed the video to The Herald Sun on Sunday, saying that she felt “humiliated” by it.

“I feel sick. I am humiliated. I don’t know what else to say. I am really embarrassed,” she said.

Prior to this, Celeb Spellcheck shared a Snapchat screenshot allegedly showing Perth influencer Em Davies admitting to taking drugs.

She later shared a cryptic Instagram Story, seemingly calling out the backlash she received following Celeb Spellcheck’s post.