The Gossip Fiend Behind Celeb Spellcheck Has Spoken Up On Why They Nuked All Their Posts

Celeb Spellcheck

Gossip-lovers were dealt a blow this week when the Celeb Spellcheck Instagram account – which holds Aussie influencers and minor celebs to account for their dumb antics – suddenly wiped all its posts.

We were all left wondering what the bloody hell had happened – was the account’s anonymous owner about to get exposed? Were they being sued for posting something a little too spicy?

One clue came in the form of a judge emoji that appeared in the account’s bio, suggesting some kind of legal drama behind the scenes, perhaps concerning a recent post featuring a Bachelor contestant.

Overnight, the person behind Celeb Spellcheck put those rumours to rest, at least partly, taking to stories to make a statement on why the account nuked all of its posts.

Thanking fans for their support, the account’s mystery owner said:

“I’m not being sued (that I know of, lol) & I’m not at risk of having my identity revealed. I will be taking a little break while I think about the future of this account. Moderating the comments has become time-consuming (but very necessary), as is dealing with all the other things that come with having a very large audience.”

The account, which has 143k followers, remains blank as of today, and its anonymous owner said that they are considering their options for how it will look in future.

This may include whether to reveal their identity, and whether or not to monetise the account, aka doing sponsored posts and ads, because hey, a girl’s gotta eat.

The account owner went on to say that nothing “happened” to bring on this hiatus for Celeb Spellcheck, and this pause is just something they’ve been thinking about “for a while.”

So there you have it, I guess. We eagerly await more snark and gossip in whatever form it arrives!