Celeb Spellcheck Was Offered A Lot Of Money For The Account But Said No Bc Sis Ain’t A Sell Out

The queen of calling influencers out on their BS, Celeb Spellcheck, has revealed that they were offered “a lot” of money for their account but turned them down to maintain the integrity of the page.

ICYMI: the viral Instagram account and enemy #1 of Aussie influencers decided to pull the pin on the page after Celeb Spellcheck was becoming “too big and too time-consuming” for the admin to deal with.

Fans thought that the page might be caught up in legal drama and that’s why it was nuked, but Celeb Spellcheck quickly put those rumours to bed in a series of Instagram stories.

“This account has become too big, too powerful and too time-consuming for me to enjoy running it anymore,” she previously wrote.

“There is no scandalous reason behind this decision – I’m not being threatened or sued or controlled in any way.”

Since then, the page has had a rebranding and now exclusively posts iconic 2000s celeb content. On Celeb Spellcheck’s most recent post of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee (most likely influenced by the Pam & Tommy miniseries currently in the works) a fan asked WTF is going on with the page.

They asked if Celeb Spellcheck is now being run by someone else, because the posts seem a little “different.”

CSC responded and said:

“It’s still me, but I’m just posting things I enjoy instead of thing that make people want to track down my identity lol. I was offered a lot of money for the account but decided to keep it for myself. “

Another fan asked how much the admin was offered, but CSC is yet to comment.

While I love the new direction Celeb Spellcheck has taken, part of me still misses the spelling mistake content. I’ve been following the page for ages, and nothing will make me LOL harder than Shani Grimmond’s “I just ate 12 laminations” post.

You’ll always be my numero uno, Celeb Spellcheck.