Celeb Spellcheck Just Revealed WTF Is Going On With Their Account And Finally We Have Answers

celeb spellcheck account update

Everybody’s favourite celebrity Instagram page, Celeb Spellcheck (may it rest in peace) has given us an insight into what the hell is going on with their account ever since it was nuked. You may have noticed a whole lot of random posts on the CS account, well now we have an explanation (of sorts) as to why.

In late April, Celeb Spellcheck returned to Instagram after initially deleting her account. Her first post back was a piccie of Mary-Kate Olsen surrounded by cops, and everyone including us thought this was a way of subliminally telling us that she was facing legal dramas.

celeb spellcheck
drama drama drama.

“This account has become too big, too powerful and too time-consuming for me to enjoy running it anymore,” she wrote earlier this year.

“There is no scandalous reason behind this decision – I’m not being threatened or sued or controlled in any way. I will permanently be deleting the account tomorrow.”

Alas, this didn’t last long at all.

In recent days, Celeb Spellcheck has been bombarding her wall with pics of celebs she adores, especially It Girls from the Noughties. The comments have been turned off though, and nobody has been allowed to say anything about this sudden shift in content.

celeb spellcheck
I mean, at least it’s a good pic.

Pics range from Johnny Depp and Eminem to even pics of Sophie Monk and the Spice Girls.

It’s definitely become clearer lately that Celeb Spellcheck’s initial post of Mary-Kate Olsen was just for aesthetics rather than the converting of a secret message. But hey, a girl can believe.

celeb spellcheck
I didn’t need this on my feed, but hey, I won’t stop following.

Finally, Celeb Spellcheck has broken their silence, with a post of none other than Nicole Richie. In this post, CSC left the comments open, allowing their followers to go absolutely bonkers.

However, CSC actually responded to one of these comments with a little update.

“Ready to spill the beans yet on your plans or *eye emoji*,” wrote one fan.

“No plans! Just posting things I like,” said Celeb Spellcheck.

celeb spellcheck
to be fair, this pic will always be iconic

So it looks like although Celeb Spellcheck has returned, we might not be getting the same content as before.

But hey, that may change soon. I know I won’t be unfollowing, I’m a sucker for the tea.