It Looks Like Celeb Spellcheck Is Back Roasting Influencers And It’s Like She Never Left

Celeb Spellcheck

After what feels like a year’s hiatus (more like six months), beloved Instagram sleuthing account Celeb Spellcheck is back doing what she does best, already roasting TF out of influencer Olivia Mathers in a new post.

You might recognise Olivia Mathers as being one half of those hot influencer twins that are always plastered all over your explore page. Well, today she decided to show off her yard skills by doing some weeding and mowing the lawn.

Innocent enough, right? Well, Celeb Spellcheck has put her on blast for the rather tone deaf post afterwards. In Mather’s Instagram story, she writes about having “tears” from doing something “unknown” and “new”, which is a funny way of telling people you’ve never mowed a lawn.

Celeb Spellcheck

There’s already enough of a stereotype that influencers are out of touch with the real world, so to claim that yard work is “empowering” only adds fuel to the fire.

Keep in mind, we don’t know what is going on for Mather on a personal level. So, for some, simple tasks that most people do regularly can actually be really difficult.

I imagine her post wasn’t meant to come across as so obnoxious and ~privileged~. But dear god, the wording… oh the wording. It’s one thing to say you’re proud of yourself, but it’s another to turn it into some self-help rant about trying something new.

Trying something new and out of your comfort is backpacking around South America, this is … mowing a lawn.

Celeb Spellcheck

In April this year, the anonymous lass behind Celeb Spellcheck announced the retirement of the page via Instagram stories. According to Miss Spellcheck, the account had “become too big, too powerful and too time-consuming” to run anymore.

Celeb Spellcheck then became a 00s nostalgia page, with the admin sharing pics of celebs like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears and even Shane Warne back in their heyday.

As much as I love the trashy 2000s aesthetic, I’m very happy to have the old Celeb Spellcheck back.