Cast your mind back a few months: we were fresh outta lockdown, the summer was glorious, and several tea-spilling Instagram pages were at their prime, calling out wanky influencers with gusto. Now fast-forward a few months, Aussie Influencer Opinions has ceased-fire, Celeb Spellcheck has thrown in the towel, and even its copycat account has deactivated in the last few days.

These are bleak times we are living in, my friends, and I just want to know what the hell happened there.

Why did all these pages suddenly vanish at the height of their popularity? We may never know, we can only theorise, and I actually have a theory here. Well, not so much a theory, more just something I noticed that both the OG Celeb Spellcheck and Celeb Spellcheck 2.0 had in common before fading into obscurity.

Last month, the original Celeb Spellcheck broke our fucken’ hearts by announcing that she was shutting shop, writing: “Hi everyone, as you know I have spent some time thinking about the future of this account. After weighing up many options, the time has come to say goodbye to Celeb Spellcheck.”

The 2021 Gossip Girl added: “This account has become too big, too powerful and too time-consuming for me to enjoy running it anymore. There is no scandalous reason behind this decision – I’m not being threatened or sued or controlled in any way.

”I will be permanently deleting the account tomorrow. Thank you so much to everyone who has followed and supported the page.”

I noticed a slew of theories popping up online that her closure may be due to legal reasons, with many folks speculating that it might just have something to do with that post she shared that featured The Bachelor star Laurina Fleure allegedly partaking in drugs.

In a subsequent Instagram Q&A, Celeb Spellcheck insisted that while this is not the reason why she called it a day, she does feel really bad about the whole thing, revealing she even reached out to Laurina and apologised, and subsequently vowed to never share posts about celebrities doing drugs again.

Then, earlier this week, the copycat Celeb Spellcheck dropped a video that featured several influencers and models partaking in drugs (I’m not going to out them here, but IYKYK), then shortly after, as the post started to pick up steam, the page disappeared without so much as a goodbye.

Again, not gonna go into detail about the video, but let’s just say it was a similar vibe to Laurina’s and seemingly showed a bunch of peeps with large Instagram followings allegedly doing drugs and being filmed without their knowledge (the incident occurred last weekend).

Then the next thing we knew, the page was gone, just like the OG (I know the original Celeb Spellcheck isn’t gone, but she’s stopped calling influencers out on their bullshit and, well, that’s what we’re here for, doll).

Despite Celeb Spellcheck insisting that the drug-related vids had nothing to do with her calling it quits, I feel like it’s an awfully big coincidence that the same thing happened to both pages.

This is just a theory at this point, but you’ve gotta admit, the timing seems suss, no? Hm…

Matty Galea is the Entertainment Editor at Pedestrian who also dabbles in woo-woo stuff like astrology and crystals and has been penning horoscopes since the start of his career. He also Tweets about pop culture and astrology and posts spicy content on Instagram.