FUCK YES: Gossip Queen Celeb Spellcheck Has Officially Returned With A Cryptic Instagram Story

Instagram sleuthing account Celeb Spellcheck left a hole in our hearts when it nuked all its posts just over a week ago. But fortunately for us, it looks like the page is back baby!

Celeb Spellcheck still hasn’t revealed why they are back, and how long they will be back for. But all the archived posts have returned, so we can all have a giggle at the cringe spelling mistakes.

However, the mystery woman behind the account did post a story of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, who were made famous by The Hills. What this could mean is anyone’s guess, but I do have some thoughts.

Either I’ve watched too many crime shows, or there may be a clue in the book that Heidi is reading. The book is You Can Profit From A Monetary Crisis by Harry Browne.

So why do I think this is a clue? Because in the Instagram story explaining why Celeb Spellcheck disappeared, the admin behind the page said they were taking time to think about the future of the account. Like whether to “monetise” the account or not.

Hmm does this mean the account will be monetised, and what would that ultimately look like?

Again, this is just speculation. All it could actually mean is that the mystery admin thinks Speidi are iconic. But you’d think your first post back would have to mean something, right?

Shortly after Celeb Spellcheck removed all its posts, the rumour mill went into overdrive, with some thinking it meant there was legal drama. This rumour was sparked by the lawyer emoji in its otherwise blank profile at the time.

However, this rumour was quickly put to bed when the mystery admin took to Instagram stories to make a statement on why the account went kaput.

“I’m not being sued (that I know of, lol) & I’m not at risk of having my identity revealed. I will be taking a little break while I think about the future of this account. Moderating the comments has become time-consuming (but very necessary), as is dealing with all the other things that come with having a very large audience.”

Let’s hope that the page is back for good, because it’s the only thing giving me serotonin at the moment.