Why Do People Think Keith Urban Is Behind Celeb Spellcheck?

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One of the greatest mysteries of our generation has been who is behind Celeb Spellcheck, the almighty gossip Instagram account? And while punters think they’ve figured out the identity of the anonymous tea-spiller, I’m gonna warn you early on that I’m fairly certain we’re no closer to solving the mystery. But never let the truth stand in the way of a good story, right?

In case you’re not familiar, Celeb Spellcheck is a gossip Instagram account run by an unknown Aussie. It gained popularity in 2021 and has brought us a heap of top notch tea about local influencers and other celebrities since, from spelling and grammar fuck-ups to social media stars behaving badly. She’s even gotten into beef herself with the influencers.

Although many have tried to guess her identity, no one has cracked the code as of yet… until now (supposedly).

Who is Celeb Spellcheck?

Why do people think Keith Urban is Celeb Spellcheck?

According to the masses, Celeb Spellcheck is run by none other than Aussie country singer Keith Urban and we’re calling BS on that right now, thank you very much.

The rumour was stirred by fellow goss account Aussie Influencer Opinions who returned from a hiatus and did an IG Q&A last night.

When folks asked if she thinks the page is run by Keith Urban, she responded: “100 per cent.”

My guess is that she was being sarcastic, but folks have taken it and run with it.

Credit: Aussie Influencer Opinions / Instagram.

She followed it up with a screenshot from TikTok, showing that “Keith Urban Celeb Spellcheck” is the second most searched item on TikTok when ya type in “Keith”.

Credit: Aussie Influencer Opinions / Instagram.

The thing is though, none of the Toks under “Keith Urban Celeb Spellcheck” have anything to do with Keith Urban supposedly running the account.

It seems to me like a bunch of nosey nellies have typed this into TikTok, hoping to find tea but it’s come up with nothin’. And as a result, the keywords “Keith Urban Celeb Spellcheck” have begun trending, despite there being no evidence that Keith is behind the account.

Which begs the question: where on earth did this rumour come from?

The page itself has since poked fun at the rumour with the following post:

Keith Urban is Celeb Spellcheck

Nice one, doll. (Credit: Celeb Spellcheck / Instagram)

In my opinion, the page posting this for the lols is proof that it’s not legit.

So who is behind Celeb Spellcheck? The only person who knows the answer to that question is Celeb Spellcheck him/herself… and maybe Nicole Kidman.

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