Celeb Spellcheck Answered All Your Spicy Questions About What Happened After Shutting Down

Celeb Spellcheck

Celeb Spellcheck has done another Q&A on Instagram tonight, spilling her thoughts on a whole bunch of things. And yes, a lot of it had to do with what happened after she announced her retirement.

Honestly, let’s just get straight to it.

One follower asked Celeb Spellcheck – who I’ll start referring to as CSC – about her future plans for the account and if she would return to influencer content.

The original purpose of the IG was to “call influencers out on their various gaffes and errors”, but as the account grew and grew, CSC said it just became “too big, too powerful and too time consuming to enjoy running it anymore.”

And that’s when she announced she was retiring her influencer call-out content for good. That was last month, and CSC went on to scrub her account clean of all those call-outs. Now the IG is a spicy destination for simply iconique pop culture moments.

“I’m not going back to influencer content,” CSC wrote. “As much as I think there needs to be a platform that calls out their bad behaviour, I never wanted to be that ‘authority’ on all things influencer.”

She continued, “There were too many eyes on me, articles were written about the account almost daily and people trying to hunt you down is scary.”

CSC said she has always been super passionate about pop culture and that she used to have another Insta which she posted that sort of content on.

“So I thought I might as well use the audience I have on here to post stuff I actually enjoy,” she said.

“I totally understand that that’s not what people followed me for and I’m not offended if people unfollow if they’re not interested.”

Instagram / @celeb_spellcheck

CSC said her DMs were flooded with offers after she announced her retirement. People really wanted the account and the 152,000+ following CSC had attracted.

“Most offers came from micro influencers who were hoping to grow their following. The highest legitimate offer I got was just over five figures (and I seriously considered it),” she said.

CSC said the most interesting offer she copped was from a huge influencer with over 500,000 followers, who was apparently “looking to change the name and launch [a] new business on it.”

“Makes me think her following is fake,” she added, and now I must know WHOMST.

Instagram / @celeb_spellcheck

Another follower asked CSC if brands had ever tried to reach out for collabs, to which she answered that a few companies had.

“I mostly had offers for free items (and I suppose a shout out if I liked them – but I never accepted),” she said.

“Most of my $$ offers came from journalists or podcasts,” she added. “Highest offer was $7,000.”

Again, WHOMST.

CSC said she definitely had the opportunity to make money off the Insta but decided against it because it just felt “icky” to her.

And she isn’t fussed over all those copycat accounts, either. She just wishes “they wouldn’t use the same name and/or profile photo”, which is pretty fair, if you ask moi.

So, there you go!

To conclude, I would personally like to thank the new pop culture side of Celeb Spellcheck for reminding me that Nick Jonas and Delta Goodrem used to date.