Melb Influencers Reckon They’ve Narrowed Down The Mysterious Celeb Spellcheck To 1 Of 2 People

celeb spellcheck

A bunch of disgruntled Melbourne influencers and their adjacent crowd reckon they’ve sussed the identity of anonymous Instagram account Celeb Spellcheck, and let me tell you that I LIVE for this shit.

If you’re not familiar with Celeb Spellcheck (where have you been?), it’s an Instagram account that lightly – and sometimes, not-so-lightly – roasts influencers for their spelling mistakes, social faux pas and occasional bad behaviour.

It’s run by an anonymous Melbourne woman, who through lockdown has seen the account’s following grow to more than 100,000 followers.

Her weekly Q&A seshes, where she spills goss about various Aussie influencers and reveals tidbits about her life, definitely contributed to her meteoric rise in popularity. People love the tea.

It’s those tidbits that have allowed people to build up a database of who she might be (and no, she’s not a PEDESTRIAN.TV staffer, which one person asked back in January).

According to a report in The Sydney Morning Herald, Celeb Spellcheck’s identity was the talk of the table at a recent dinner thrown by Piper-Heidsieck at Melbourne’s Ormond Collective, ahead of the Australian Open.

Some of the people in attendance included Rozalia and Nick Russian, Olivia Molly Rogers, Tayla Damir and Nathan Broad, Anthony Callea, Effie Kats, Mikayla and Jack Crisp, and Maria Thattil, although the SMH doesn’t name names – so we can’t say for sure who was gossiping about Celeb Spellcheck.

“It seems the administrators of the anonymous account could be a bit too close to home, sharing the same friendship circle as much of Melbourne’s social set,” the SMH wrote.

(Note: as an avid follower of Celeb Spellcheck, I’ve never seen anything to indicate that it might be run by more than one person, but I could be wrong….? TBC!)

Apparently, the attendees of this dinner party reckon Celeb Spellcheck might be one of two people, both of whom are publicists from the Mornington Peninsula.

One is dating “a former high-profile AFL player”, while the other is besties with a former Australia’s Next Top Model contestant.

As Celeb Spellcheck’s influence and notoriety grows, so too does the chance of her being unmasked. She’s said before that she might ‘expose’ herself one day, but that it would take the fun out of the anonymous account stuff.

Does this matter in the scheme of things? No. Will I rest until I know the identity of Celeb Spellcheck? Also no.