The 10 Most Savage Celeb Spellcheck Posts That I Still Think About To This Day

Last month, we were dealt the devastating blow that Celeb Spellcheck was sadly shutting down.

The mysterious gossip guru (or day I say it, gOsSiP gIrL) behind the account sent out a blast, informing users that she was calling it quits, but promised that the reason was not “scandalous.”

Have a read of her message below:

“Hi everyone, as you know I have spent some time thinking about the future of this account. After weighing up many options, the time has come to say goodbye to Celeb Spellcheck.

The account, whose original purpose was to call influencers out on their various gaffes and errors, became hugely popular in recent months, and it seems it’s all a bit much.

This account has become too big, too powerful and too time-consuming for me to enjoy running it anymore. There is no scandalous reason behind this decision – I’m not being threatened or sued or controlled in any way.

I will be permanently deleting the account tomorrow. Thank you so much to everyone who has followed and supported the page.”

A day later, she completely scrubbed her page of all the iconique celeb call outs, but we ain’t letting a legend disappear into the night without a lil celebration.

So here, we’re recounting the best Celeb Spellcheck moments of all time.

Thanks for the mems and the lols, doll (whoever the fuck you are)…

10. Shani Grimmond enjoying one too many laminations

The bread and butter of Celeb Spellcheck (food pun intended) was its posts pointing out the silly little errors that influencers make.

It’s all harmless fun and some influencers actually took the opportunity to have a laugh at themselves, which was a welcome break from the shiny, picture-perfect, heavily edited personas they put on for the ‘gram.

Shani Grimmond calling lamingtons ‘laminations’ defs deserves a spot on this list bc not only is it fkn hilarious and totally innocent, but it was also shared during Celeb Spellcheck’s prime.

9. A thieving fitness influencer

Earlier this year, Celeb Spellcheck took a leaf out of American counterpart Deuxmoi’s book and started posting blind items shared from followers and we bloody loved to see it.

One of the blind items was about an unnamed fitness influencer who was “chased out of a retail store for shoplifting.”

The post added that “her mum has also been banned from most stores in [town] for stealing.”

There’s been a bunch of theories about who this person could be, but I’m not spilling any tea for legal reasons and all that.

8. A certain gassy “cashed-up bogan”

Another item included claims that a certain “cashed up bogan” let out “the loudest and most disgusting” fart at a photoshoot for her swimwear brand and rather than excusing herself, she just laughed and said: “At least we’re all being paid, right?”

7. “[Don’t] always believe what you see on Instagram”

When Celeb Spellcheck wasn’t drawing our attention to the dumb spelling errors made by Instagram’s rich and shameless, it was reminding us, as the following blind says, “to not always believe what you see on Instagram.”

In this blind item, an OnlyFans user revealed that a ‘yuge influencer’s boyfriend had subscribed to their page. Spicy.

6. Jules Sebastian’s heinous photoshop job

Remember when Jules Sebastian, the missus of Aussie singer Guy Sebastian, did an awful fucking job of photoshopping VitaGummies packages into her piccy?

Yeah, that was bad.

She later deleted the pic and I’m legit curious to know what VitaGummies thought of the absolutely batshit post.

5. That time an influencer fed a smoothie she was paid to promote to her fucken’ dog

One of Celeb Spellcheck’s final posts featured an influencer pretending to drink a green smoothie, then feeding it to her dog and it was a special kind of cooked.

I can’t remember the influencer’s name bc I’d never heard of them and sadly, the post no longer exists, but if you were following along closely over her final active weeks, you’ll know exactly what I’m referring to. It was bloody hilarious.

Which leads me to…

4. Influencers who fake-apply products in paid ads

Over the Easter long weekend, she shared a gallery that poked fun at influencers who pretend to apply makeup in their Instagram Stories and think we don’t notice.

The first vid shows someone fake-dabbing cream from a tube onto herself. Like, just use the fkn cream? I don’t get it. Is the stuff that repulsive that you don’t even want to use it?

In the second video, influencer Tash Oakley fake-applies cream onto herself and, as Celeb Spellcheck points out in the comments, “the music in the second slide makes it so much funnier.”

Sadly the vids have been scrubbed from her page, but head here to read more on that whole debacle.

3. Influencers trying to convince us that they love Bondi Boost

Another one of Celeb Spellcheck’s final post is one of my faves bc it’s another one where influencers were called out for pretending to use a product they clearly haven’t fucken’ touched (aside from taking the lame-ass pic).

If you zoom in on the below piccies, you’ll notice that not only are the bottles completely full, despite the influencers claiming they’ve been using the product for weeks, but in some cases, the bloody plastic is still on them.

Howling @ the fact that this is Teresa Giudice from RHONJ’s daughter.

2. Elyse Knowles thinking ‘voila’ is spelt ‘wallah’

Who could forget that time that influencer Elyse Knowles spelt ‘voila’ as ‘wallah’ and it went so fkn viral that even The Fat Jewish shared a post about it:

She later addressed the embarrassing blunder in an interview with Stellar.

“I make mistakes all the time [on social media],” she told the publication.

“It’s who I am. I haven’t been deeply affected by it at all because I spell things wrong all the time. I don’t know. I can’t spell for shit!”

She continued: “I know that, and I’m OK with that. I still don’t know [how to spell it]. But there’s a global pandemic and the whole of the Australian media is reporting on one word. I’m still getting notifications every day that people are writing about it. But if it gave someone a laugh, then… whatever. I chuckled over it, too.”

1. Bella Varelis trying to pass off a Russian influencer’s Chrissy pic as her own

Ah, who could forget that time on Christmas Eve 2020 when Bella Varelis shared a festive snap that turned out to be a knock-off from someone else?

The Bachelor runner-up shared a snap on the night before Chrissy of a couple looking all loved-up beside a Christmas tree and captioned the pic: “& that’s me done for tonight…gnight angels x.”

Christ knows how she fucken’ did it, but the all-powerful Celeb Spellcheck managed to track down the actual pic, which was taken by Russian influencer @mezenova.

After being sprung, Bella Varelis spent days defending herself, claiming that she wasn’t trying to pass the pic off as her own, but merely she was just sharing an inspo pic. Sure, Jan.

The reason why this post is numero uno, aside from it being bloody hilarious, is because this is actually what alerted me to the existence of Celeb Spellcheck. It was legit the greatest Christmas gift ever.

But now it’s been snatched away from us and a bunch of fake Celeb Spellchecks have popped up in its place overnight, but I doubt any of them will beat the OG.

End of an era </3

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