Celeb Spellcheck Has A Message For The Influencers Who Claim To Have Uncovered Her Identity

Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for the influencers who claim to have uncovered the identity of IRL Aussie Gossip Girl Instagram page, Celeb Spellcheck, as the elusive lady behind the account revealed that she is neither person being accused.

ICYMI: The Sydney Morning Herald published a report claiming a crew of local yokel celebrities had discussed the phantom Instagram account at an event held by Piper-Heidsieck at Melbourne’s Ormond Collective, ahead of the Australian Open.

Guests included Rozalia and Nick RussianOlivia Molly RogersTayla Damir (who has had a bee in her bonnet about the account for some time now) and Nathan BroadAnthony CalleaEffie KatsMikayla and Jack Crisp, and Maria Thattil, to name a few.

“It seems the administrators of the anonymous account could be a bit too close to home, sharing the same friendship circle as much of Melbourne’s social set,” the report read.

Apparently the dinner guests came to the conclusion that the person behind Celeb Spellcheck must be one of two ladies who work as publicists for the Mornington Peninsula.

One is dating “a former high-profile AFL player”, while the other is BFFs with an ex Australia’s Next Top Model contestant.

After the report did the rounds online yesterday, the account commented on PEDESTRIAN.TV’s article about the whole shebang, writing: “Neither guess is correct.”

Credit: Instagram.

Better luck next time, ladies!

Influencer Rozalia Russian recently revealed on Instagram that she knows “a few people who have figured out who she is.” Could ya fill us in pls, doll?

She also opined that while she thought the page was “funny”, she feels like it goes “a bit below the belt at times when the page wasn’t about bad spelling anymore.”

Celeb Spellcheck has been slammed by a bunch of influencers, including Skye Wheatley and aforementioned Love Island star Tayla Damir who accused the page of “bullying.”

The account has denied accusations of bullying and insists that its posts are “meant to be lighthearted and fun.”

“I have definitely posted things in the past that I’m not proud of, but I do try to never cross the line,” she wrote on Insta.

If you wish to partake in said “lighthearted fun”, go chuck ’em a follow. They’re on private but they generally accept most follows.