Aussie Influencer Ditches His Fam To Travel Solo After Unvaxxed Wife Is Stopped At The Border

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

An influencer couple’s overseas vacay didn’t quite go as planned as one half of the pair was turned away due to not being vaccinated, while the other one skated on in without a problem. The kicker? They were both unvaccinated.

Gold Coast influencer Reece Hawkins and his American wife London Goheen had jetted off on a vacay to Switzerland with their nine-month-son Stone separately, within days of each other.

Because of Switzerland’s recently imposed rules restricting unvaccinated travellers from entering the country in response to the Omicron variant, Goheen was stopped at the border.

While Goheen was turned away, Hawkins managed to gain entry into the country despite also being unvaccinated as the rules hadn’t taken effect when he crossed the border, Daily Mail Australia reports.

Hawkins continued his trip around Switzerland, showcasing the snaps on social media as any good influencer would, leaving Goheen and Stone to fly back to their home in America without him.

After returning home to the United States, Goheen told fans on Instagram that she was “exhausted, sleep deprived and had been crying all day.”

The model said she’d booked her flight to Switzerland before the new vaccination laws were announced, and that she and her bub had travelled for 14 hours only to see Hawkins for two hours under police supervision. Yikes.

“Reece is not vaccinated and travelled to Switzerland a few days before me, the officer told me the law changed because of the new strain of COVID that just came out,” she wrote on Insta.

“Reece travelled there with a PCR test only and had no problems, so I thought it would be fine to do the same. Unfortunately i wasn’t and it was too late.

“If I would’ve known about the law changing the outcome would’ve been different and I’d be there with my hubby.”

Wondering why you recognise this bloke? He first rose to influencer fame while dating Gold Coast model Tammy Hembrow back in the day (what a fkn time that was, IYKYK).

Meanwhile influencer couples have been having a fucken rough go of it with their vacays of late. Wait ’til ya hear what bloody happened on MAFS pair Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli‘s “horrific” LA vacay.