An Influencer Is Getting Flamed For Giving Her Kid A Weed-Related Nickname & Doobie Doobie Don’t

Influencer London Goheen is getting roasted for giving her son “one of the worst nicknames a parent has ever given to their child” and you simply have to laugh.

The American influencer shared a v. cute photo to her Instagram Story of her cradling her two-year-old son Stone.

“Stoner babeee … I love you,” she captioned the Story.

Stoner … babe? Stoner babe. It’s a string of words that begins to lose more and more meaning each time you repeat it.

Now, obviously, the nickname came about because the kid’s name is Stone and he is a baby. I highly fkn doubt Goheen was deliberately referring to her baby as a stoner.

But you’ve also got to admit that “Stoner babe” is a ludicrously funny nickname for an infant. They’re just two words that should never be put together, thus when you see them one after the other it’s a hilarious shock.

Aussie influencer tea account dutchminty (@dutchminty) roasted Goheen for the unfortunate nickname.

“This has got to be one of the worst nicknames a parent has ever given to their child,” they wrote on their Instagram story.

A ‘yuge claim for it to be one of the “worst nicknames a parent has ever given their child” but you know what? As someone who used to cop Smella Bella when she was a wee babe (it was a play on Isabella, OK! I wasn’t stanky!) I get it. Granted Stella Bella wasn’t on the same weed-esque level as Stoner Babeee but nonetheless, it checks out.

Goheen shares Stone with her ex-husband Reece Hawkins, who used to be engaged to Aussie influencer Tammy Hembrow. What a tangled web these influencers weave.

According to dutchminty, Goheen is now dating her high school boyfriend Will Felder. It’s rumoured the duo are engaged ‘cos of an aptly placed love heart emoji over the influencer’s hand in the Stoner Babeee Instagram Story™, but it could also just be … an emoji. Who knows!