Anna Paul Was Ghosted By An Airbnb Host In Europe After Finding Bed Bugs & Nope Nope NOPE

anna paul travel bed bugs

Anna Paul has taken to TikTok, as she does, to show the absolutely horrendous bullshit she had to endure at a recent Airbnb stay in Europe with her mum.

Now, I know everyone bangs on about bed bugs, but it’s pretty rare to actually see them or hear about the nightmare actually happening to someone — in my life at least.

I mean, I’ve been itchy, sure. And people have told me it’s probably bed bugs, but when you spend time with lying pieces of shit you can never be too sure, you know?

Anyway, the one time I knew for sure it was bed bugs ruining my life was in a hostel in Amsterdam when I was 18 — the same city that Anna and her family suffered the same fate.

Obviously Anna was in an Airbnb and not a hostel like me, a resident broke bitch, as she is likely loaded from being Australia’s top OnlyFans creator and having millions of TikTok followers.

“When my mama lay down in bed last night, little bugs started crawling up her neck, crawling up her legs,” Anna said on TikTok and fucking noooooope.

She then shows footage of the bugs crawling through the bed and you no-joke can see the lil fuckers.

“Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? There’s so many of them,” Anna said.

The solution? Anna and her mum, who I feel like I also know intimately from watching so many of Anna’s videos, slept on the couch of their Airbnb to avoid the pests.

“What makes it worse is our luggage is all open next to the bed,” Anna explained.

“Hopefully we get a refund.”

In an update to the comments section, Anna said that the Airbnb host had ghosted them.

If a TikToker with 6.8 million followers was unhappy with my services, I’d be pretty fucking quick to rectify the issue.

While Anna likely doesn’t need the coin, it’s the principle. You’ve paid for a service, that service fell short and you should therefore be compensated in some way, shape or form.

Also, an apology wouldn’t fucking hurt!