Popular Aussie Goss IG Shares Update In Her Legal Squabble W/ An Influencer Over A Shady Post

Local goss IG Influencer Updates AU (@influencer.updates.au) has given an update on her legal case with body-positive influencer Karina Irby.

During a Q&A on her Instagram Stories, the brains behind the account, Amber Paul, responded to a question that asked: “Can you tell us any more about the K.I case – was the law firm even real that sent the cease letter?”

In response, Amber shared a picture of Karina on her stories along with her response.

“Yes the law firm was real,” she confirmed.

“The law firm issued med with a ‘defamation concerns notice.’ There was no cease and desist. I also wasn’t sued.”

She then clarified that she had reposted a video someone else had made of Karina, and Karina asked her to take it down.

“I should have but was in a bad mood because I was sick of influencers asking me to take down nearly every post,” she continued.

“She blocked me. She took legal action and the easiest resolution for both of us was for me to take down the content. The worst part for me was that she blocked me as I enjoy her content.”

ICYMI, back in June, Amber revealed the identity of the local influencer who she claimed served her a legal letter at her home after a post about them garnered some pretty hectic comments that the influencer believed were defamatory.

Speaking to former Love Island stars Anna McEvoy and Matt Zukowski on their podcast Where’s Your Head, Amber revealed that the influencer was body positivity influencer Karina Irby.

(Image Source: Karina Irby / @karinairby)

“There was a legal letter I received. I reposted somebody else’s content. They had made a video calling out Karina Irby for photoshopping her photos,” Amber told the pod.

“She’s like a body-positive influencer and talks about not photoshopping and he said he had proof that she indeed photoshopped her photos. She was like, ‘I’m going to send you a legal letter to take it down’.”

Amber explained that she’s used to influencers threatening legal action but this was the first time someone actually followed through.

“I received a knock on my door and was served with my first legal letter,” Amber claimed.

After consulting with a lawyer, Amber’s view was that the letter she was sent “had no legal grounds” but she took the video down anyway and let Karina know.

“It’s sad that it came to a legal letter but I can see what I did wrong,” she told the hosts.

Following the legal letter, Amber took a short time off Instagram and turned off comments on some of her posts, prompting her dedicated fans to ask why.

She took to her account, Influencer Updates AU, to clear the air with a single Insta Story.

“I was served a legal letter at my house,” she claimed in her Story.

“It wasn’t a cease and desist. It was a defamation concerns notice for particular comments on particular posts (that have now been removed).

“It’s not something I want to be worrying about and I also don’t want any of you getting dragged into legal issues for your comments.”

influencer updates australia
A casual reminder that your comments on Instagram posts CAN get you in trouble for defamation.

Just in case you weren’t aware, yes, you can actually be dragged into court because you commented something defamatory under an Instagram post.

If you’re just sharing your opinion, that’s great, but if you hit up a serious story about crime, for example, and start making accusations while the matter is still before the court, your ass AND the publication’s ass is grass.

Same goes for when you make accusations about a celeb that can be proved untrue and tarnish their image. Do NOT play with defamation law in this country.

“FYI: Honest opinions are not considered defamation,” Influencer Updates Australia clarified in a second Insta Story.

We stan a legal-trained baddie.

influencer updates australia
Instagram commenters should be made to do legal training TBH.

In another Story, the owner of the goss IG shared a cute pic of her with her children, writing that she’s been spending less time focusing on the account (and the potential defamation risks that come from the comments section) and more time with her bubs.

Now that’s time well spent.


Instagram comments will never cease to be a toxic place that can create mess for the publisher and the account owner.

Let’s all just take a deep breath before we start ragging on people we literally know nothing about.

(Image Source: Instagram / Influencer Updates Au, Where’s Your Head At)