In a tale as old as time, a woman caught her husband cheating on her with her best friend. You’d think the story would end there, but it doesn’t — she filmed the confrontation, racking up huge 9 million views on TikTok, and then… revealed more info that’s left people *not* rooting for her. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Honestly, normally I LOVE messy TikTok. I love seeing girls confront their cheating boyfriends, or air out their ex-friend’s dirty laundry. I don’t know these people, so it doesn’t feel as bad as IRL gossip does, and it’s like watching a soap opera. Or scrolling through r/relationships. I’m witnessing multiple train wrecks at once, and I can’t tear my eyes away.

Which is actually an extremely apt way to describe the TikTok this article is about, because it is a steaming heap of MESS. And I hate that I’m invested but I am.

Shauna (@shaunadonna20) initially posted a TikTok of her sitting in the car telling her audience that she caught her husband cheating on her… with a close friend.


Imma confront both them when he walks through the door #cheater #liar #betrayedshaf

♬ original sound – Shaunabby ????

“So I put the camera in the house because my gut just wasn’t sitting right. It wasn’t even about him or her, that never even crossed my mind. I didn’t think that they were doing anything,” she said in the video.

“I thought that he was sneaking somebody in, like that he had previously cheated on me with, that’s why I put the camera in the house.”

Oh no. “Previously cheated”??? This is already messy.

“So yesterday I was looking at the camera, come to find out, it’s this bitch and we’ve been friends for like four years, good friends, she needed somewhere to go, I let her move in.

“Anyway so … neither one of them knew about the camera. I haven’t told either one of them that I even know because when he gets home from work I’m [going to] ask them and then I’m going to show them the video.”


#cheater #backstabbers_snakes???????? #nofakefriends #hoes #snakes

♬ original sound – Shaunabby ????

Dear lord. Hate that her man is a serial cheater, hate that her kid’s in the backseat while she tells this story, but here we go. I’m invested and I need to see the confrontation.

In an update, Shauna said: “It definitely went down … and [of] course they lied, said it didn’t happen. I didn’t get a chance to show them the video because we ended up fighting. They’re currently out of the house, gone.” And then she posted the fight.

“So I got a question for you,” she said in the confrontation video. “Did you sleep with my man while I was at work?”

We can’t see her friend’s face at that moment, but I can feel her shit herself from all the way over here, before nervously asking: “Why would I sleep with your man?”

It’s at this point that Shauna’s husband walks in, and all hell breaks loose.


I didn’t post the video because I didn’t want to for personal reasons but here y’all finally fucking go

♬ original sound – Shaunabby ????

“You slept with my friend while I was at work?” Shauna yells, while he shouts back saying he doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

“Like I don’t got the footage” she shouts back…. and then she gets into a physical fight with her friend, which knocks the camera down.

Initially I was shouting “good for her!” because I love some petty revenge. But you wanna know the worst part of this story? The messiest? The one tidbit of information that makes me throw my hands in the air and wonder what the point of this confrontation was?

After the video went viral, Shauna said that she’d agreed to let her husband and friend come over that night to talk about things and sort it out. Girl, no!!!

Other TikTok users commented “[You’re] not understanding the assignment!!!!” and “You’re done, you’re done”. I wish this was the husband cheating revenge fantasy it had the potential to be, but nope. It’s looking more and more like a lather, rinse, repeat situation. Sigh.