Enjoy This Twist-Filled TikTok Of A Woman Who Tricked Her Cheating BF Into Visiting His Fling

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Buckle your seatbelts and prepare from some high stakes turbo fuckery from TikTok, because this yarn is a doozy. This vengeful TikToker secretly delivered her cheating boyfriend straight to the other woman for a surprise meeting, and it’s as wild as you’d expect it to be.

We’ve seen plenty of revenge TikToks in the past, where someone will discover that their partner is cheating then concoct some devious scheme to embarrass them online.

However, this TikTok from user @lucydasshh (Lucy Dassh) takes it to the next level, as it shows her taking her sleeping boyfriend across state lines for a meet up with his secret fling. Nothing can go wrong there surely, right?

“Last night I went through his phone and caught him texting some girl from another state, they’ve been talking for a while now and he agreed to go on a date with her today,” Dassh wrote on her TikTok.

“I told him I needed to run out of town for a family emergency… he doesn’t know we on our way to meet the girl together.”

You can check out the wild vid below.


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The follow-up vid to this chaos TikTok seems to show Dassh and the other woman in a massive fight with the boyfriend in the middle.

In the comments, Dassh writes that she’s fine and a friend tagged along with her for the confrontation.

“I thought this would be one of those “sike!” vids again. Damn girl I’m sorry, also leave him in that state and make him find his own way back,” wrote one commenter.


I cannot make this up yall!! 😭 he snatched my phone by the way 🤦🏽‍♀️ #foryou #fypシ

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After this, TikTokers who followed Dassh for the drama have been steadily waiting for a storytime update to this messy drama, after Dassh continuously promised one in the comments of her own post.

The follow-up however was a video of Dassh proving that her TikTok live is suspended, and thus she can’t spill more tea. But doesn’t it take the same amount of time to just record yourself spilling tea and then post it to TikTok?

Something is afoot here, and TikTokers started to catch on.


The next three posts after this have been TikToks promoting Dassh’s hairstyling business in Brooklyn. Despite the fact that her original revenge TikTok received over 11.7M views and a fucktonne of followers who were hooked on the story, it seems Dassh is only interested in promoting her business now.

So… was the iconic revenge story even real? Be still my dramatic heart that constantly craves tea.

“We have been bamboozled, she got the views, & followers!” wrote a commenter.

“I came here from IG and didn’t get any tea. The things y’all will do for clout these days. Not you needing drama to promote your business.”


Sure, if you blow up massively on TikTok and want to promote your business, you have every right to do so.

However, if you stage an entire drama-filled story just for clout, folks online sure aren’t going to be happy.