BLESS: A Melb Man Tracked Down A Delivery Driver He Was Accidentally Mean To Just To Apologise

Mark Polchleb on TikTok saying he yelled at his dogs but his doordash driver thought it was him, next to an image of the delivery driver and then the two of them meeting.

A Melbourne man harnessed the power of TikTok to track down a delivery driver he was mean to and honestly, this is the energy we need in life.

Mark Polchleb shared a video of himself on TikTok with the caption: “can someone please tell this sweet sweet UberEats man I was yelling at my dog and not at him”. It then cut to footage that will leave sensitive girlies like me in TEARS.

In the video, a doorbell camera showed a delivery driver waiting for Mark on the front porch. In the background, Mark’s dogs can be heard barking hysterically. This is important.

The driver hesitantly asked if he should leave the food on the welcome mat and shortly after Mark shouted “get away from the door mate!”.


Im genuinely losing sleep over this. He was so sweet and my dog is a menace 🥺

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The chastised driver thought he was being yelled at and dispiritedly replied “one second please” before leaving.

“I’m genuinely losing sleep over this,” Mark captioned the video and honestly, me too. Apologise to that man right now.

Folks on TikTok seemed equally distressed.

“The way I’m actually shedding tears thinking about how he must have felt disregarded and like a nuisance,” one user wrote.

“WHY WOULD YOU PUT THIS BURDEN ON ME,” commented another.

Adamant in helping Mark alleviate his guilty conscience, TikTok ~did its thing~ and in three days, the video racked up more than 30 million views.

Within 24 hours, TikTok user Mara (@maraob) came across Mark’s story on her FYP and revealed the delivery driver was actually her father Sami, who works for DoorDash.


#duet with @markp_

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The same day, DoorDash’s social media team came across Mark’s TikTok and revealed Sami would be given “top Dasher status for life” and “extra Dasher pay” for being so sweet.

Side note: it kinda sucks that delivery drivers have to get yelled at and then go viral to secure a pay rise but hey, I’m happy for Sami.

But wait, there’s more!

Apologising to Sami wasn’t enough, so Mark met the man in person — leading to this absolutely wholesome interaction and giving us all the closure we needed.


Replying to @stylands Thank You, TikTok for helping me apologise and show my appreciation to Sami!

♬ original sound – Mark Polchleb

Look at those balloons! A whole party for our man Sami.


#duet with @markp_ thankyou for coming

♬ original sound – fiona’s gf

Yes, Mark apologised. Sami knows he wasn’t the one being yelled at, and we can all find some peace.

I need to lay down after that emotional rollercoaster.