Sydney Driver’s $400K Ferrari Parking Job Is Quite Frankly Embarrassing & I Hate Rich People

TikTok 400K parking ferrari job Sydney Double Bay Australia

A TikToker has called out an “entitled” driver who parked their $400,000 Ferrari haphazardly in Double Bay, Sydney

Rodi (@rodis_life) shared the video back in March, but it has recently had a second life on TikTok, with the platform pushing it onto everyone’s FYP (mine included!). He labelled the video as “Rich People problems in Double Bay”, and this parking job basically sums up everything I hate about rich wankers. Eat the rich, etc, etc. 

The red Ferrari Roma V8-coupe was parked on an angle, with the back left wheel sitting on the footpath. 

A red Ferrari parked in Double Bay, Sydney. Screenshots from TikTok with text reading 'Rich People problems in Double Bay'

This was certainly a choice. (Image: TikTok @rodis_life)

“It never ceases to amaze me. You buy Ferraris and expensive cars that you literally have no clue how to drive or how to park them,” the TikToker wrote in the caption.

He continued: “Total disregard for road rules and street signs, so much so that this Ferrari was parked this way for over three hours, even getting a parking ticket for the insanely bad parking, climbing up on the curb like it’s a truck or a ute, damaging the wheel/rim and parts of the rear spoiler.”

Rodi added the car would likely be damaged extensively after coming back down from the curb, saying it’ll likely cause “a very expensive repair bill”. 

Aussies tore the driver apart on TikTok, and look, they deserve every single sledge thrown their way. 

“Just because you have money doesn’t mean you have brains,” one person wrote.

“I always say this, but every person who drives an expensive car, has no clue how to drive it. I see it way too many times!” another pointed out. 

“I don’t mind rich [people] but entitlement is low class,” a third added.

“I bet there’s no point fining people in Double Bay. It would be like the council threatening us to park properly or cop a five-cent fine,” another remarked.

I mean, the driver got the attention that they seemed to crave so desperately… it’s just the wrong type of attention. Let this be a warning to all rich drivers in Australia: if we, mere peasants, see you being a wanker, we will call you out.

Feature image: TikTok @rodis_life