A Syd Bus Driver Is Being Investigated After A TikTok Showed Them Trying To Fang It Thru Floods

A Sydney bus driver ploughing their way through floodwaters up to the windshield.

In a tale as old as time, a viral TikTok video of a Sydney bus driver ploughing through deep floodwaters has landed the driver in some serious trouble. Viral TikToks biting their subjects in the ass? Shocking.

The video was posted on 9 May during the peak of Sydney’s floods and shows a bus half submerged but apparently still determined to make its way down the 185 route from Mona Vale to Narrabeen.

The TikTok caption says “every city transport system needs a stupidly fearless bus driver”, but authorities disagree.


The footage might not seem like a big deal to some of us but there were repeated warnings by transport authorities against driving in floodwaters because it’s super dangerous.

Now, according to the Daily Telegraph, “road experts” are calling for the Sydney bus driver to be suspended.

“What part of ‘it’s flooded’ didn’t this driver understand,” road safety expert and principal of Drive To Survive Ian Luff said, per Daily Telegraph.

“They have responsibility for the safety of themselves, if there are any passengers on board as well as other motorists … this was totally dangerous and irresponsible.”

He pointed out that if the driver became stuck (it’s not clear if they escaped from the video), it would take up resources from already stretched SES crews.

“This driver needs to take a long hard look at themselves, they should be suspended to teach them a lesson and the bus company needs to read their drivers the riot act about responsible behaviour.”

A spokesman from Northern Beaches bus service operator Keolis Downer said the incident was “under investigation”.

“Keolis Downer prioritises the safety of its passengers and drivers at all times, and has strict protocols in place governing driving through floodwaters,” the spokesman said.

“We are aware of this incident, and it is currently under investigation. It would be inappropriate to comment any further at this time.”

At least the driver’s dedicated, right?