A Woman Has Shared The Fkd (2-Part) Story Of How Her Husband Cheated On Her W/ Her Mum

Gather round, people, because we have stumbled upon one of the most heinous relationship stories in living memory involving a husband, a wife and the wife's mother. Strap in.

Gather round, people, because we have stumbled upon one of the most heinous relationship cheating stories in living memory involving a husband, a wife and the wife’s mother. Strap in.

Over two parts, TikToker Laci Jane (@Laci_Jane) details how she found out her husband (at the time) was having an affair with her own mother, directly after Laci had given birth to a daughter.

Really? Only two parts?

It feels like this could be an entire book. Someone get this woman a publishing deal!

Laci begins by stating that when this occurred 14 years ago, she was dealing with “a lot of health issues”.

Her mother was living a block away from Laci and her (now) ex-husband, so the husband and the mum carpooled to work. Sounds fairly routine thus far.

“She would visit us frequently, I had the same suspicion I always had,” she continues.

“My husband and me were always arguing and it got to the point where we needed to separate.”

The family then decided the best course of action would be for the husband to move in with the mum, who was renting nearby, and the mum would move in with Laci.

A switcheroo, if you will.

During the period of mother-daughter share-housing, Laci claims her mother started dishing our secrets like she was Oprah doling out cars.

“She started telling me about all of these times he’s cheated on me with all these different women. She made me promise not to tell him.”

Holy shit.

Laci obliged in the moment, but naturally went off afterwards to confront her husband. Queen behaviour.

“I said ‘hey, my has said you’ve been cheating on me this entire time’. He looked me square in the eyes and he said ‘well why doesn’t she tell you what you and I have been doing”.

Holy shit: the sequel.

In part two, Laci fleshes out the story even more, much to our viewing horror.

“After the [husband’s] confession, I flew back to my house and my mum was outside. And she knew,” Laci begins.

“The look on her face. She was just white.”

Laci then retells the moment she told her mother to “get the fuck” out of her house, which involved the admission that Laci’s grandmother also “knew”.

What the actual fuck is going on in this family? Poor Laci.

Laci’s mum then calls Laci’s grandmother, who supposedly knew the husband was (at the very least) holding hands with the mother.

“No one told me … nobody told me,” Laci rightly bemoans.

She concludes the TikTok by stating that her mother is still yet to apologise, or even admit any wrongdoing.

Gaslight. Gatekeep. Girlboss Fuckyoursoninlaw.

After the events retold in the video, Laci, the trooper that she is, started a non-profit building tiny homes for single mums.

What a ride.

It truly feels like we’re living in one of history’s most cooked eras for dating and relationships.

Just this week, for instance, we covered the internet having it up to here (*gestures really high up*) with Australia’s “low effort” dating culture.