‘I Don’t Get It’: The Internet Has Finally Had Enough Of Australia’s ‘Low Effort’ Dating Culture

The internet has had a gutful of Australia's dating culture. So much so, that it's prompted broader conversations on TikTok about how much effort our country puts in across the board. Here's the rundown.

The internet has had a gutful of Australia’s dating culture. So much so, that it’s prompted broader conversations on TikTok about how much effort our country puts in across the board. Here’s the rundown.

Back in December, a TikToker named Jadley (@aimersx) published a video with the now-infamous opening line, “hi, can someone please explain to me how Australian dating rules work, because I don’t get it”.

Jadley vents that she’s fed with of being left on read and not being texted back after a date. She claims this hasn’t happened to her “anywhere else in the world”.

Hear that, guys? We’re special!


A flurry of Stitches and nearly half a million views later, the conversation had expanded.

TikTokers began engaging in a wide-ranging chat about Australia’s deep-seated penchant for casualness. A habit that, many argue, has gone past the point of being humorous and has just become frustrating.

Leading the charge on this front was fellow TikToker Smooth Gutter (@smoothgutter) whose Stich from Thursday has now clocked over 1.7 million views.

The creator alleged that Australians’ “apathy and laziness runs so deeply through literally every facet of our society to the point where I think it is detrimental to this country”.

They continued, claiming that “if you want to take literally anything seriously, in this example – your dating life, you are fucked.

“Because nobody cares enough about literally anything to progress in any meaningful way … everyone in Australia has Tall Poppy Syndrome.”

A third creator from Perth also sounded off, comparing the dating cultures of Australia and the upfront, heart-on-your-sleeve culture of the USA.

The concept of asking someone out on a date is not really a thing … you get asked to go to the beach, to get a coffee, to hang out, or to meet at a party,” Amber Akilla (@AmberAkilla) started.

“I think a lot of women in Australia are working overtime to get men to lock them down into a serious relationship.

“A lot of Australian men are not very direct in their communication.

“There’s no sense of urgency in Australia … so that definitely filters into dating.”

The critique even found its way across social media platforms onto Twitter, which is how you know it’s truly taken hold.

Sadly, this isn’t even the first time a similar criticism has been made of Australia’s dating scene, sparked by a foreign visitor.

In July a US TikToker left nothing to the imagination as she tore Aussie blokes a new one en masse.

Anyway, happy Hot Girl Summer everyone!

*Another sigh*