A US TikToker Has Gone Viral For Dragging Aussie Men In A Rant About Our Awful Dating Scene

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A US TikToker has gone viral for dragging Aussie men in a rant about how shitty our dating scene is and to be honest, she raises many good points.

In a TikTok vid that’s received over 92K views, Californian woman living in Melbourne Tate (@twaynne) spoke about the culture shock she received after she realised Aussie blokes are quite different when it comes to picking people up at bars.

“I remember one of the first times I went out in Australia, I left the bar so defeated,” she said.

Tate’s main complaint was that the men here don’t really buy women drinks and stick to themselves when they’re out. This ultimately leads to fewer conversations, fewer opportunities to meet new people and also, no free drinks.

And they say Melbourne is for the “cool” people. How can I be cool if 100 men aren’t showering me with beverages and courting me with roses?

“I came to Australia and it is so different here. Men kind of sit back, let you approach them more, they’re not as aggressive with it,” said Tate.

“I was like ‘What’s going on?’ The friends I was with were hot. Then my friend had to explain to me that it doesn’t happen here.”

Tate said the whole thing made her feel “so ugly”, and that back home in California she would hit the bars and clubs without even having to bring her wallet because guys would so often buy drinks for women they’re into.

I’m so sorry queen, Melbourne just isn’t like that. You’d probably have better luck convincing a guy in a white singlet in the smoking section to hand you a bump of ket.

In the comment section of Tate’s vid, Aussies claimed the cost of living has cockblocked us all from receiving free drinks and free men.

“It used to be that way. Seems times have changed here. Maybe due to how expensive alcohol is,” wrote one TikTok commenter.

“No, because when I went overseas & men came crawling out of the walls to buy every woman drinks I was so freaked out,” wrote another.

“Yeah ‘cos a Vodka Redbull is like 15 bucks here,” wrote a third.

Not inflation ruining chivalry. Guess I’ll just fade into nothingness!