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A month ago, TikTok user @oiyeahnahyeah posted a video feeding a possum that’d managed to gnaw a whole through the roof.

The clip received a staggering 2 million likes, with punters falling in love with the lil’ guy. “Okay but why is this cute af,” one user commented, which I think perfectly encapsulates everyone’s sentiments after watching the video.

@oiyeahnahyeahWHAT HAVE I DONE WHAT KIND OF MONSTER HAVE I LET INTO MY CEILING why does it look like that? When I tell you I nearly shit myself-♬ original sound – okaynagisa

“He can get very noisy, he lives right above my bedroom and I often hear him scratching and screeching,” Zhane told UNILAD. “I was surprised to see that he had bitten a hole in my ceiling… I’ve never seen a possum actually dig a hole into the roof before. But I was excited because I love wildlife.”

She told the publication that her dad was pretty unhappy about the possum-feeding as it reinforces bad habits, but, seriously, how could you say no to the little guy?

She’s posted a whole stack of possum-feeding videos since the viral video, and each one makes for some weirdly addictive viewing.

TikTok unanimously decided to name the brushtail possum Jerome. So Jerome it is.

@oiyeahnahyeahReply to @littlecletus1 y’all really liked the name Jerome sooooo…. also wait til the end for a possum boop♬ Dirty Harry – Gorillaz

That boop at the end absolutely sent me.

Head on over to  @oiyeahnahyeah’s profile for more mandatory Jerome viewing.

Image: TikTok / @oiyeahnahyeah