JoJo Siwa Let Her Iconic Ponytail Down For The First Time Ever So The Apocalypse Must Be Nigh

Ya know JoJo? No, not the ‘Get Out’ singer. I’m referring to JoJo Siwa, that pony-tailed teeny bopper who sells all that sparkly, colourful shit and once starred on Dance Moms.

Well, she’s finally let her hair down for a TikTok challenge and the whole allure has been demystified.

The TikTok challenge is called the ‘Wipe It Down challenge’ and it involves the user spraying their mirror with cleaner, then once they ~wipe it down~, they show off a brand new lewk.

Said lewk is one that’s blowing up Twitter as punters aren’t used to the lass sans ponytail.

Check it out here.

Punters are divided on her new ‘do, meanwhile. Some are loving it for her:

Some aren’t are a fan and miss her iconic ponytail:

And some are just plain suss about the whole thing: