TikTok’s Wondering How We Let Britney Spears Get Away With This Perfume Ad Back In 2010

A Britney Spears perfume commercial from 2010 has resurfaced after a viral TikTok uncovered just how batshit the concept was.

“Okay, I never understood the logic behind this commercial,” TikToker @micheleidd said, alongside the ad for Britney’s perfume ‘Radiance’.  The commercial-in-question depicts Brit knowingly walking into a fortune teller’s room and siting down, only to reject the teller’s offer to tell her future.

“No thanks, I choose my own destiny,” she says, no joke.

Let me explain in 3 slides.

Hey, it’s a fortune teller place. How fun.
Want me to tell your future, sis?

In his analysis of the commercial, Michel brings up a variety of everyday scenarios to expose just how flawed the ad’s concept is.

Take his Red Lobster hypothetical, for example.

“Hi, can I take your order?” the waiter asks some who walked into a restaurant.

“No thanks, I cook my own dinner,” the patron responds, before walking off.

So fucking true.

Check out the masterpiece below, which has amassed over 3 million likes.

@micheleiddbruh why’d she walk in, sit down and gaze into the ball ##britneyspears ##britney♬ original sound – micheleidd

“*sitting in court*,” TikTok user @amasketches commented, “no thanks, I make my own sentence.”

Just to make it clear, Brit, we aren’t coming for you – we wouldn’t dare do such a thing. We’re more so curious as to how this concept was approved by so many people, and ultimately given the green light.

Peep the original commercial below, and bask in the glory that was 2010 perfume ads.

“I love how she goes all the way to a fortune teller just to tell her she chooses her own destiny,” YouTuber Natalie said. “Like damn Brit, sick burn.”

I will now say ‘no thanks, I choose my own destiny’ to any slight demand from here on in. Ms Spears, you’ve done it again.

In other news, we must defend her Instagram at all costs. Thank you.