American Podcast Host Apologises For Pissing Off Aussie Fans With Rant About Popular Slang Word

A podcaster from the US has apologised after she received a shit tonne of backlash for dragging a popular Aussie… slang word?

If there’s one thing Aussies are really proud of, it is our unique slang (and insults). A list of favourites that come to my mind include Gronk, 12vie, u-ey, Goon Bag and eshay.

However, the precious language of Aussie slang was recently slammed on the I’ve Had It Podcast, as host Jennifer Welch took aim at the word brekkie. Ugh it’s so silly it’s hilarious.

Ever since she put the cheeky word on blast, she has since apologised for sending Aussie fans into an online frenzy.

But before we jump into ~the apology~, here’s how the US podcaster pissed off the online punters from Down Under.

How did the I’ve Had It Podcast piss off Australia?

In a now-viral TikTok, Welch went on a rant about how she loathes the word “brekkie” with I’ve Had It Podcast co-host Angie ‘Pumps’ Sullivan.

“I’ve had it with people calling breakfast ‘brekkie’,” she began in the podcast snippet.

“Put a sock in it. Quit making up cute words for your performative Instagram posts,” she continued.

In the snippet, Welch doesn’t mention any specific countries that use the word brekkie. However, netizens from Australia, South Africa and the UK flocked to the comments to make it known that the word is used every day in their countries.

“I want to say that the majority of us Aussies use this word! If this annoys you, you should Google ‘Aussie Slang’. You are in for a treat!” one person wrote.

“We need an apology tour stat,” another TikToker joked.

“It’s an Aussie term. Probably in the US via Bluey. And Bluey is our payback for decades worth of TV Americanisms,” a wrote third.

Some folks added to the list of Welch’s most disliked slang, naming words such as “sammies” for sandwiches and “sunnies” for sunglasses.

The comment section was definitely a mixed bag of reactions, but unfortunately for the podcasters, Aussies kinda came for them.

Days after the TikTok made its rounds — garnering more than 245.9k views — Welch took time out of another podcast episode to apologise to Aussies for sharing her two cents on the word “brekkie”.

“We managed to piss off an entire country,” Welch began with I’ve Had It co-host Sullivan adding that she “loved Australians”.

“So, I had it with the word ‘brekkie’. Well, in Australia that’s what they call breakfast exclusively,” she continued.

“I want the country of Australia to know that I’m specifically talking about American, United States of America Americans, influencers on Instagram that could not find Australia on a map with both hands and a flash light, these are the people who I’ve had it with.”

Welch then joked that the podcast needed to go on an “Aussie redemption tour” — which was mentioned by a fan in the original video.

Since sharing the video many Aussies have came forward in the comments to accept the podcaster’s apology. Some invited the podcasters Down Under for that redemption tour.

(Image source: TikTok / @ivehaditpodcast)
(Image source: TikTok / @ivehaditpodcast)

Perosnally, I believe Welch wasn’t coming for Aussies in particular as she didn’t mention the country during the podcast snippet. I feel like she was taking aim at adults who use baby talk in regular conversations with other adults. Also, Bluey is a kids show and maybe that’s where she first heard it therefore associating the word with kids.

But hey, that’s just me being optimistic and giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. I also think there’s better ways to piss Aussies off.

Honestly, there are so many other slang words that get my goat but brekkie is a fave of mine. Wait until she finds out about doof stick or the regular use of C U Next Tuesday.

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