The Internet Has Gone Feral After The U.S. Embassy Posted A Chaotic List Of Aussie Slang

One of the best things about being an Aussie is our access to a plethora of unique slang — like eshay, arvo, garbo, durrie etc. — however, thanks to the U.S. Embassy, our selection of slang has been brutally butchered.

Now, before I show you this horrid list of what appears to be a poo poo attempt at a guide to Aussie slang, I have to note that I smell a troll in the dungeon. AKA a troll post.

But it comes from the official U.S. Embassy Australia X (formerly Twitter) account, so I can see where the confusion can lie for people who aren’t as internet-savvy.

On Thursday arvo, the U.S. Embassy Australia posted a list of words that Americans can use to “speak like a local”.

“We’re lucky to work with such lovely Australians who help us with the lingo,” the post began.

“Could say we’re over the mother onion.”

M-mother? Mother who? Anyways peep this fucking monstrosity.

Of course, the list starts off with something completely tame, with friend translating to “mate”, but as you take a gander down the list, it gets quite bizarre.

Some of the wild ones off the list are “Koala Log” for ciggies and “Finnegan’s Hole” for the boot.

Who’s Finnegan, and why is my car boot named after their hole??? Is it that deep and messy?

Whoever curated this shocking list of Aussie slang deserves a time-out ‘cos who knows how many Americans are gonna rock up and say a bunch of these words. And one of them is borderline offensive and could make visitors cop a smack on the gob.

Since posting the chaotic list, the embassy has received a mixed bag of reactions, with some folks admiring the top-tier trollage whilst others create their own list of slang.

Some people are flat-out pissed about the post.

Honestly, this whole list screams prank.

Even the embassy’s replies to other users under the list are quite unserious. It kind of reminds me of when the Boost Juice and Domino Pizza social media teams go goblin mode on Facebook. IYKYK.

Whoever made this list is truly a menace to society and I’m living for the chaos.