Macquarie Dictionary Just Went Full ‘Goblin Mode’ With Its Latest Batch Of New Word Additions

A bunch of iconic “Gen-Z” phrases have made it into the ninth edition of the Macquarie Dictionary. Guess this means I can use “goblin mode” in our headlines and you can’t stop me!!!

As a Gen-Zer who is chronically online, I absolutely overuse a bunch of colloquial terms that don’t make sense to the general public. I remember one of the first headlines I ever wrote for PEDESTRIAN.TV was about Wattpad Girlies and Harry Styles, and yeah, some people didn’t get that silly joke (I’m so sorry).

However, with the recent drop of the Macquarie Dictionary’s Ninth Edition, which features a bunch of fun phrases and words, including “situationship”, “Barbiecore” and — my personal fave — “spicy cough”, I feel absolutely seen with my ~sparkly~ vocab.

Alongside those unique colloquial terms, 3,000 new entries in total were added to the Macquarie Dictionary.

Speaking to The Guardian, Victoria Morgan, Macquarie’s managing editor, said that a number of “pandemic-era” and “more recent colloquial nouns” have made it into “Australia’s collection of vocabulary”. She also said that editors found these new words and phrases in “absolutely everything”.

“The main role of the editors who work for the dictionary is to always have our eyes open,” Morgan said, as per the publication.

“It doesn’t matter whether we’re reading or watching or listening to something for pleasure, or for work. Anything that just seems a little bit unfamiliar, we’ll jot it down and research later.”

Some of these words and phrases, as per the Macquarie Dictionary, include:

  • Goblin Mode — A pattern of behaviour characterised by an embrace of indolence and slovenliness. However, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, it also means “the behaviour of someone who wants to feel comfortable and do and eat whatever they want, not caring about trying to be clean, healthy, or attractive, or about pleasing or impressing other people”.
  • Menty-b — A breakdown in one’s mental health or tantrum.
  • Situationship — a relationship between two people in which they may engage in outings, sexual activity, etc., but do not consider each other a partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.
  • Spicy cough — COVID-19.
  • Bachelor’s handbag — A takeaway roast chicken.
  • Doomscrolling — The practice of continuing to read newsfeeds online or on social media, despite the fact that the news is predominantly negative and often upsetting.
  • Ick — A sudden, strong aversion to one’s partner or whom one had previously considered attractive and charming.

Last year, “bachelor’s handbag” won the Macquarie Dictionary People’s Choice Word of The Year and words like “Barbiecore” and “Yassify” (another personal fave) were shortlisted.

Say what you want about these slang words ‘cos they’re obviously not going anywhere. Plus, they’re so much fun to say.

The only time I’ll ever roll my eyes at slang is if anyone says “IJBOL” (which stands for “I Just Burst Out Laughing”) in real life.

Do not get me started on that atrocity.