Flume Gave an Aussie Slang Lesson to New York Fashionistas

Local lad Flume is crushing it right now in New York – yesterday, he distributed thousands of Pokémon cards to the audience at one of his shows, and today, he taught the fashionistas at Opening Ceremony a little bit about the finer points of Australian slang.

The man otherwise known as Harley Streten stopped by for an interview with The Look, where he tried on some of Opening Ceremony’s newest arrivals, and brought them up to speed on his U.S. adventures so far, as schooling them in the arts of duzzas, darts and dingers:

What’s your favorite Australian slang word? 
It might be a little too rude for this interview. [Laughs] There are a few. I like the word “darren,” which means cigarette. 

Wow. I’ve never heard that one. I’ve heard of a cigarette being called a “duzza”? 
Oh yeah, there’s “duzza” and also “dart.” 

My favorite is “pinger,” which means “molly.” 
Yeah! You know the word dinger [molly]? The best one is ding-ray. [Laughs] 

He and the interviewer then played a word association game, where it emerged that Flume misses Vegemite while on tour, but believes Tim Tams to be vastly overrated. He also confirmed that Bondi is indeed full of scurrilous hipsters.

Elsewhere in the interview, Flume admitted that his somewhat questionable early musical crushes included Skitz Mix compilations and Aqua, and gave a plug to fellow Aussie electronic types Seekae
You can read the whole thing and admire Flume’s various fetching looks here.