RIP To This TikToker Who Chucked A Sickie To Catch A Flight Only To Find Her Boss Onboard

Have you ever felt like you’re the most unlucky person alive? Well, take a peep at this woman’s TikTok where she unfortunately jumped on the same flight as her boss after chucking a good ol’ sickie.

Aussie TikToker Leila Soares (@leilabelosoares) has proven to be one of the unluckiest folks on the planet after she revealed in a now-viral video that she boarded the same flight as her boss.

Although most people would clock some annual leave or notify their higher-ups of their travels, Soares said she called in sick to embark on her journey.

“Messaged my boss to call sick only to find he on the same flight,” she wrote on TikTok, which now has more than 11 million views.

Since posting the video, punters have flocked to the comments begging for an update. Some folks also shared their own stories of chucking sickies and getting caught.

“I called in sick a time and went to the casino and saw my boss waving at me by the roulette machines,” one person wrote.

“Almost like the time I called out sick and ended up in the newspaper pictured at an event,” another added.

Soares’ attempt to hide from her boss with the glasses, mask and hat combo made the video even more comical. It’s giving Damian in Mean Girls in the post-Burn Book chaos scene.

The TikToker has yet to provide a proper update or story time about the debacle, but Soares did reveal in a reply to a comment that her boss didn’t see her as she entered through the back end of the plane and he was further up.

(Image source: TikTok / @leilabelosoares)

As of writing, Soares hasn’t posted any direct details about the mortifying plane trip, but she has replied to comments from the video with a series of popular Tiktok audios. In one video she also revealed that she did get sick after the flight.

In her latest video referencing the flight, Soares is seen coughing in an elevator seemingly in her workplace.

According to Daily Mail, Soares posted another TikTok with her co-worker at a desk but no deets were spilled. The video has since been scrubbed from Soares’ account.

Although Soares’ video is hilarious — and it’s honestly a scenario pulled from my nightmares — some folks are quite sceptical about the validity of the story.

I’m not gonna lie, I do have an inkling that A) the boss was probs in on it or B) it was all a joke, but regardless it’s a shit go to be stuck in transit with your boss after you said you were doing something else.

Fingers crossed the flight wasn’t that long.

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