Little Mix’s Jade Said She Was ‘Rattled’ After Seeing These Nasty Feet On A Plane & Girl, Me Too

Little Mix's Jade Thirlwall shares a TikTok video of feet on her plane

There’s a special place in hell for people who parade their bare feet around a flight as if we all asked to see those little piggies. But those who then go on to rub their feet all over the plane’s interior? Jail. Jail immediately.

Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall, relatable queen that she is, was flying in economy (and not on a private jet) when she was assaulted with such a foul display herself.

A passenger a few rows ahead of her, who one can only assume was being exorcised for some demonic possession, managed to contort their body in such a way that their bright-green toes splayed against the ceiling of the aircraft. Like, the passenger literally wiped the ceiling with their toes which they continued to flex threateningly.

Sharing the wild view to TikTok, Jade captioned the video: “Breath taking views at 38,000 ✨feet✨”.

@jadethirlwallBreath taking views at 38,000 ✨feet✨♬ Only Time – Enya

The TikTok, which is quite frankly traumatic, has since been viewed five million times in the two days it’s been up.

“I’m sorry! How did she get her leg up there!!!!” one commenter wrote.

“Please return your feet to the upright position ready for landing,” joked another.

One TikToker pointed out that next to the criminal passenger was a man who seemed totally unfazed by the hoof dangling menacingly over his head.

“The fact the person next to them is talking to them like this is a normal occurrence is sending,” they wrote.

Other’s expressed concern for Jade, having to witness something so stomach-churning.

“Hope you are ok after experiencing this Jade x,” one person wrote.

Jade responded: “A little rattled but I’m ok hun x.”

People keep your feet on the damn floor challenge, lest you become the subject of a viral TikTok shaming your antics.