Not a day goes by without men collectively reminding me of their audacity. And yet despite this, even my nonsense-seasoned jaw dropped at this man who not only took feet pics of the woman sitting next to him — he then proceeded to edit them right in front of her. The shamelessness! You detty, detty pig!

TikTok user Alina Bedrossian (@alibedrossian) posted a video on the app of a very fkn weird encounter she had on a recent flight.

While she was seated on a plane, Alina recorded the passenger next to her whip out his phone, tilt it to the side, and take a picture of her feet in her sandals. And then he proceeded to inspect the picture. Right in front of her. The woman was too stunned to speak.


Cuz wtf am I supposed to say😭 #weirdo #delta #floridaman #FindYourEdge #fyp

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“WTF am I supposed to say,” she captioned the video with a crying emoji.

TikTok was shook to its core, with users saying she should have at least demanded payment. Rule #1 of the internet: no free feet!

“I would have said, ‘pay me and I won’t tell,’ ” one person said.

“Run me my cheque,” Alina joked in the comments.

Somehow, this man’s audacity doesn’t even end here.


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Alina posted a seperate TikTok which showed the man not only inspect her feet, but then proceed to edit the photo. Again, right in front of her!!! Were the free feet not good enough?? I am so insulted right now and they aren’t even my feet.

“Bro didn’t even hide,” one user said, amazed.

“My man took a pic, edited it right next you and u still said nothing!” commented another.

“Omg girl I would have asked for some money If he finna do all that,” wrote a third.

If I l’ve learned anything from these TikToks, it’s to never travel anywhere without fully-closed shoes. Stay safe out there girlies, free feet? In this economy? No.