A Restaurant Worker Has Claimed That Jadé Tunchy Complained After Not Being Treated Like A VIP

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Aussie influencer of the year, Jadé Tunchy, is making headlines yet again after a restaurant worker has claimed that she caused a stink at her workplace after not being treated like a VIP guest. Just spend one week without being in the news, please. I beg.

So Dramatic!  shared that one of its followers wrote in to share a recent interaction with Jadé Tunchy. The individual claimed that they work at a “very fancy restaurant” and that they served Miss Tunchy just before the whole Weekenda wedding accommodation drama.

“The tea is I had no idea who Jadé Tunchy was until the other week when I served her at the very fancy restaurant I work at which I’m not gonna name,” the mystery source wrote in to say.

“After this happened she started popping up everywhere being cancelled.”

According to the mystery source, Jadé was handed an extra plate of food she didn’t order, and despite the restaurant giving it to her for free, she wasn’t very pleased.

“One of my runners accidentally gave them an extra plate of something they didn’t order,” the source claimed.

“I told them it was a mistake and that it won’t be on their bill, but I’ll leave it on the table for them as a complimentary meal for any inconvenience.

“She complained to me about how that shouldn’t happen in the first place, and called herself a VIP guest, therefore we should’ve been extra careful with her.

“We give little complimentary starter things to VIPs which she was definitely not, and she complained to the manager for not getting one.”


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Source: So Dramatic!

These claims of belittling behaviour echo the entire situation with Weekenda, where Jadé Tunchy was called out for using her massive following to apply pressure to a small business.

Jadé has since made an Instagram apology for the entire saga, saying her actions were “poorly thought out and lack integrity”.

“I want everyone to know that I hold myself to a higher standard than this,” she wrote.

“I’ve made it my priority to reevaluate the aspects of my life that may have led to the disconnect between my soul and my actions.

“I am sorry to anyone I’ve let down, including myself.”