Jadé Tunchy Finally Made An IG Apology & Said There’s Disconnect Between Her ‘Soul And Actions’


Instagram model and influencer Jadé Tuncdoruk (aka Jadé Tunchy) may have finally put an end to the string of incredibly average behaviour that saw her make headlines for all the wrong reasons these past few weeks.

The influencer uploaded an apology to her Insta story on Sunday morning but does it cut the mustard?


The post reads:

“I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for the way I’ve conducted myself recently,” she said.

“I’m aware that my actions were poorly thought out and lack integrity. I want everyone to know that I hold myself to a higher standard than this.

“I’ve made it my priority to reevaluate the aspects of my life that may have led to the disconnect between my soul and my actions.

“I am sorry to anyone I’ve let down, including myself.”

It really couldn’t be a true influencer apology without the use of the word “soul” – could it?

In addition to the apology, Jadé has also re-set her Instagram account to public. For the initial few days the saga was unfolding, her account was set to private mode.

The controversy began when Jadé used her social media platform on January 20 to leverage a refund for a deposit she made for a honeymoon getaway. But the terms and conditions of the small biz travel company Weekenda showed that Jadé was not entitled to a refund.

The travel company then claimed that the model had been “demanding & threatening” to their staff.

The travel biz then got in on the action by doing a giveaway for Jadé’s original holiday package.

It was then revealed that back in 2017 the influencer had made some pretty racially cooked comments about Uber Eats drivers on Facebook.

Most recently, Jadé’s management on Thursday said they were conducting a review of her place in the company.