The Jadé Tunchy Saga Continues, With Her Management Now ‘Reviewing’ The Drama

Jadé Tunchy

Just when you thought maybe the drama surrounding influencer Jade Tuncdoruk (aka Jadé Tunchy) had blown over, the bin fire just keeps on burning.

Tunchy is managed by Sydney-based influencer agency MAXCONNECTORS, who also manage her model fiancé Lachie Brycki, and The Daily Telegraph has given an update on where she stands with the company.

“Max Connectors is unable to comment as the situation is under review,” a representative for the agency told Confidential, per the Telegraph.

In case you missed the influencer drama that keeps on giving, Tunchy was publicly called out by anonymous influencer watchdog account Celeb Spellcheck (@celeb_spellcheck) for weaponising her audience of 400,000+ followers to a leverage a refund from a small business.

Tunchy organised a stay with Weekenda for her honeymoon which she then decided to postpone. According to the business’ policy, Tunchy wasn’t entitled to a full refund — so, she complained to her followership and accused the business of exploiting the pandemic. Classy.

Tunchy’s followers took it upon themselves to bully the small business into giving Tunchy a refund, and so, the spiciest influencer drama of the month was born.

As if that story wasn’t damning enough, Jadé Tunchy found herself in hot water again days later after racist comments she had made about UberEats drivers resurfaced on Instagram.

Around the same time, the small business at the centre of Tunchy’s drama released the “threatening” emails she sent them while seeking her refund and well, perhaps it’s not surprising her management is reviewing the situation.